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Old 05-08-2002, 05:10 PM   #1
Aramil Galanodel
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Cresting the hill, Daka surveyed the carnage being wrought by the armies of yaga shura. Rage boiled within his body, fury mounting that this town had fallen so soon due to his presence. Readying his axe and flail, he pressed on cresting a bridge and bearing witness to the horde itself, the last remnants of the cities populace fled in mortal terror before the archers of yaga-shura’s horde as the struck them from behind, the recourse of cowards. With a cry striking terror to the enemies very core, he lunged forth driven by the endless rage from his ancestors. The first blow was struck and heralded by a spray of crimson, freezing in the very air from the cold from his flail as it tore through the coward’s skull. Turning his rage onto the other archers the air crackled with the power from Daka’s frenzy, his axe sending a head flying, his flail crushing bodies, all scattering his enemies to the wind before him. Surging forth his mind focused purely on the hunt due to the strength of his rage he flew forward searching for Yaga-Shura himself. Turning his gaze away from the enemy legion peering to the west he saw the behemoth himself. Yaga-Shura in all his might and power standing before Daka observing the carnage he wrought, almost laughing as the half-orc tore through his army like a furious wind. Daka let out another howl of rage as his skin hardened and his speed flew into near god-like proportions. He slammed into the giant with a frenzy almost unseen in all the history of Toril. Die, Die, Die, Die, the only thoughts that echoed through his mind, occurring in pace with each devastating blow his axe wrought upon his frame. Shocked with the power of Daka’s blows yaga shura pounded him back in dismay at the sight of his own blood, drawn by his enemy. He fled.

“Come back coward!” was the cry enimating from Daka, the all consuming rage of his tribe flowing through him, refusing to let the giant escape. His frenzy began with new earnest dwarfing his previous frenzy. The ground was awash in crimson stemming from the battered bodies of the enemies of saradush. The hero’s body too shead blood, but every blow that landed upon the orcish frame seemed to be shrugged off, and where answered with a laughing grin, and a neck cleaving axe.

At last, Daka’s quarry had re-emerged escourted by his lieutenants. Daka put away his flail, instead brandishing his hammer. His body surging with the magical might from the hammer, combined with his unimaginable rage surged forth, The warrior went first, blow after blow rained down upon his body, his army dented, caved, and tore. His body bent, bleed, and broke before the tornado like frenzy of Daka’s blows. Next brandishing again his flail he laid into the mage. At first his blows seemed to be nothing more than swafts of cool breeze to the mage, as they just slid off his magically protected body. The mage answered with vollies of powerful magiks. They mattered not, any attacks of the mind where nothing before the power of his rage, and attacks of the body where either ignored, harmlessly deflected by his cloak, or merely shrugged off as annoyances. Blow after blow rained down upon the mage, until daka surged back narrowly avoiding the hammering blows of the fire giant himself. Flying back at massive speeds daka fled back, separating the group. He mounted another shriek of rage, built himself into another frenzy and charged the mage again using his flail. The mages outer protections where gone, and the remaining stone-like hardness of his skin may have stopped the physical portion of his blows, but the powers of his flail chewed right through stone and tore him apart from under his skin.
The field had been devastated, any targets remaining where mere annoyances in comparison to the two who remained. Yaga-Shura readied his hammer with a sneer. Daka smiled.

The next volley of power shook the very land itself. The cries from daka blasted through the air, the blast from the giant scorched it. Daka emerged from the flames at inhuman speed with a grin across his face, the heat of the blast failed to even phase him. Die, Die, Die, Die, Die, his mind echoed as his blows fell upon the giant. His powerful frame could actually stand up to the blows he was raining down. The blows from the giant fell upon daka like a powerful clap of thunder striking his body. However, his frame had been hardened as well, through the hardships he faced in wandering the wilderness, and from the combat he had endured in this trial he had been forced to live due to his blood. Die, Die, Die, Die, the blows rained down, Fall Fall Fall Fall, The giant pressed on landing blow after blow, Die Die Die Die Die Die, daka endured, the flames barely touching him, Fall Fall Fall Fall, Blows rained back and forth at colossal speed, and power. “Fall and Die damn you! Ive faced dragons, demons, and evils beyond measure and all have fallen to me, Fell my wrath, feel my power and FALL!” a massive blow shattered the very fabric of the air. Stillness. Silence. Daka stood, the giant had fallen.

--Chronicles of Daka, Half-Orc barbarian, and champion of good

just completed insane dif solo fight with improved yaga-shura man it was a great fight, im capped level wise, im playing solo with the sola mod pack, all the baldurdash optional-difficulty enhancers, and the ascention mod.

Equipment used
Head:Helm of Brilliance
Necklace: Amulet of the Seldarine
Armor: White dragon
Boots: Boots of speed
Ring: Ring of gaxx, Ring of fire resistance
weapons: axe of the unyeilding +5, flail of the ages +3, crom fayer
guantlets: guantlets of weapon expertise
belt: belt of inertial barrier
cloak: cloak of mirrors

side note: with all my gear i had a 100% fire resistance, greatly helping to tank fire giants.

# of tries taken:1

ill post screenies later maybe, need to find a place to store em.

feedback on the story would be cool too
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Old 05-09-2002, 10:07 AM   #2
Silver Dragon

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Really good story
Hoping for screenies though [img]smile.gif[/img]

And plz keep posting about your other fights too,
believe me, with the ascension-mod installed, some are gonna be quite tough [img]graemlins/firedevil.gif[/img]
<strong> Odi et Amo. Quare id faciam facisse requires ? Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior </strong><br /><br /><strong> Amantem cogit amare magis, sed bene velle minus </strong>
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Old 05-09-2002, 10:52 PM   #3
Dundee Slaytern
Ironworks Moderator

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Very... violent guy, but he is a half-orc barbarian after all, so it fits.
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