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Old 10-27-2000, 11:09 PM   #1

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i have gotten 2 tablets and 2 stones ive searched the whole dungeon the turn table door ive opened 3 with the 2 glow stones the last is accessable via an out side entrance but cannot open until another stone where is the final tablet please and more stones
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Remember that you can go back and take stones out of previous doors once you get into an area.

The reason that's important is because if you go through the NORTH door out of the revolving room, you will wander around and soon come to a set of ruined stairs. At the top of the stairs they split into 2 hallways. In each hallway there is another place to put a stone. Inside is a lever. Do both sides, twist both levers, and come back to the top of the stairs. BEHIND the stairs (between the hallways) you will see a room with a chest. There ya go.

Before you leave be sure to reclaim the stones again if you want a shortcut to get out.

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First there is three glowstones, one from the mermaid, second in a big room, western part off the map "I think that is" with a mermaid and 2 chest high above you, its a room with a
a high celling, the stone is one off the chests, as always before getting special items,
make sure the guy getting the stuff has enough room, special items has a tedency off
disisapeirng then dropped, the third, remember the room with six water tunnels, there you
cant swim becuase off steam, in one offf them you will find a cheast and third stone,

second, then pulling the two levers, the trick is to have the door therer you pulled the first lever open at same time then you pull the second lever.

third the secret alcove is to north, between the to levers...

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