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Old 11-29-2000, 08:19 PM   #1

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It looks like every monster of gael serran is a freaking SCOUT. When I run away from a foe (tactical retreat
I don't want him to show up behind me after ten minutes! Okay, here's my story: I left the caves of ishad, and before going into the serpent temple i wanted to stock up in town (ishad). But then I decided to explore a little. Left the town into the forest trail to shurugeon castle. After some quarreling with rogues both human and ratling (no prob), Iran into AMAZONI MANTRAPS!!! WTF!! Okay after three reloads I became smarter! I have two mages on board and so two or three MANTRAPS grrr.. were TOAST. Level up-time, I say. I finally ran into the castle ruins when suddenly it became dark. Always watch the sky, people. I headed back to town through what looked liked a swamp, when suddenly three SWAMP MUCKS rose before me. These f*****s have magic resistance and some fooouul breath, I slowly backed away turned around and AMAZONI MANTRAP!!!Ahhhh I ran like a devil for miles, until I reached the abandoned house near ishad. i slowed my pace and explored a little bit around the house. When I went up to the gathering of scoundrels there, I suddenly heard this swamp-gas-is-on-the-way-uh-oh sound turned around and......SURPRISE! Three swamp mucks and two mantraps. Things started to get hectic, it was pitch black (I saw the green clouds coming out of the dark and revealed the mantraps location by moving the cursor along the horizon-line) I roasted one mantrap with some flamestrikes and meteors and ran down the road to ishad but they kept following me! I thought if these critters followed me to the town-gates I will have a major problem when I leave the town. A hard battle followed: I kept bombing them with sun spells ran into town, regenerated mana, went out again over and over . The horde had nearly reached the gates and I was killed often because it was DEEPEST NIGHT. So I left town through the other gate and waited 15 MINUTES until it was bright enough to look further (meanwhile biting into my keyboard HARD). There were two badly hurt mucks and one maxed up mantrap waiting for the final battle... I managed it so that only Kalevas my rogue died a heroes death. I didn't want to reload because my hands were shaking! Back in town: to the temple... revival cost 746 "pieces of yellow". I had only 115. So I had to sell one of my ANKHS to revive him but i didn't care. I was happy. The road is safe again. It's 2 am. I'm off to bed.
G'night ( BTW,this tormenting procedure described above took over an hour....)
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Wow, you really get into this game dontchya. Thats what makes this game fun though. Any game where you can easily kill everything without having at least a steady and common set of difficulties just isnt worth playing in my book. I too was layed out by man traps my first time west of Ishad N'ha. It was night and I had just talked to Raskillion. I proceeded due west and suddenly four mantraps bombarded my party with gas ( and the damn dragon attacked me ). I didnt see what hit me till I came back in the day time and loosed the fires of hell on those mantraps.

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