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Old 11-26-2001, 04:26 AM   #11

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Originally posted by Dagorion:
I couldn't go over lvl 13/13 as a fighter/mage is the XP-cap the reason for this?

Yes, your points are divided to two classes, so max for each class is below 1.500.000!
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Sir Exxon

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Originally posted by Tim Tam:
At level 14 a Kensai has a Base THAC0 of 7, same as any other fighter. However their kit bonuses add to +4 to hit and damage. Add strength, proficiency and weapon bonuses to find final THAC0, eg Str 19, Master in Katanas weilding Celestial Fury will have (7-4-3-2-3)= -5 THAC0.

All fighters gain their extra 1/2 attack at level 13, so the kensai will have 2 attacks natural + 1/2 attack specialist proficiency, 5/2.

Are you asking to compare with your Kensai, or are you wanting to know when to dual him? Level 13 is better to dual a Kensai than 14.

Katanas and longswords are best to be proficient in. Some like Scimitars as well for Belm (+1 attack) or Warhammers for Crom Faeyr (25 Str). Another way to go would be two handed weapons, swords, quarterstaves, halberds and spears (good in ToB), but choose one of these, not both. Also dont bother going to Grandmastery, the benefits over plain 3 star Mastery are a -1 to speed and +1 to damage. Not worth it.

Thank you for all the information, Tim Tam!
And thank you to all you who helped me with the XP-cap removal.

see ya!
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