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Old 11-26-2001, 06:01 AM   #1

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How important is the strenght when you enrage? Does it make a difference if the strenght is 18/50 or 18/90 (I'm gonna start a new game as a berserker/fighter)?
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STR as such means a lot to a fighter. Basically it's the "thing" which lets you hurt 'them' bad. The higher the better, though it's tricky to roll 18/00. Some statistic people will probably give you the odds too, I personally never cared about the odds..

So yes, the higher you can get it, the better (18/00 stands for 18/100, just the display limit or something, or one of those creepy rules again). Definately try to get DEX and CON maxed out, that is to 18 (depending on the race, some have one or another higher). I personally sacrified CHA to get other stats up, mainly because in BG1 (where I started with this char) and BG2 the money, or lack of it, is just a temporary inconvenience and eventually you will have more cash then you can spend, and I didn't have much troubles at all to keep the group members "at bay". And in BG2 you will get one CHA booster soon enough to worry even about the prices.

STR, DEX and CON are your main stats, do not ignore those. INT and WIS are secondary, though from those 2 I would probably suggest to keep WIS higher, as it seems to affect some dialogue choices and such. Or so they say.

I play human berserker, and I like it a lot
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18/100 mean +3 hit, +6 damage (or vice-versa I forgot) nad you can carry 400 weigth units
18/90-99 is +2/+5 and 320 load
18/50 (not sure) like +1/+3 and 220 load (?)

But it doesnt matter if you will play through BG1 and use tome to set STR=19 or use belt (not mentioning hammer) to set STR higher than 18.
Because for STR=19 you have sth like +4/+7 (or +3/+7) and 500 load!!!
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Old 11-26-2001, 07:17 AM   #4

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Thanks a lot guys. This is the help I needed.

Now I can start playing.
Old 11-26-2001, 07:29 AM   #5
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Berserkers are cool. I like my dwarf berserker!! 18/96 strength and 19 constitution!!! Have fun!!!!!
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Old 11-26-2001, 07:29 AM   #6

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Below you see the "STR-list" and the "to hit" and "damage" modifiers. If your Berserker is enraged he gets additional +2 to hit, +2 to damage and his AC is improved by -2. Thus, an enraged berserker with a STR of 18/51 has a better chance to hit than a normal tank with STR = 18/00.

These values are from the AD&D rules - 2nd edition. I think this list is implemented in SoA. The manual contains a STR-list somewhere.
I like my fighters - no matter what kit - somewhere between 18/51 and 18/99. Actually I never got 18/00 without cheating.

STR 16: to hit 0 : damage +1
STR 17: to hit +1 : damage +1
STR 18: to hit +1 : damage +2
STR 18/01 - 18/50: to hit +1 : damage +3
STR 18/51 - 18/75: to hit +2 : damage +3
STR 18/76 - 18/90: to hit +2 : damage +4
STR 18/91 - 18/99: to hit +2 : damage +5
STR 18/00: to hit +3: damage +6

I hope the formats won't be lost again....
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Old 11-26-2001, 07:54 AM   #7

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Hey this is great stuff. Thanks again.
Old 11-26-2001, 08:18 AM   #8
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Thanks a lot, guy. This answers a lot of questions that I had. See my previous posts.
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