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Old 03-17-2004, 03:27 PM   #1
Silver Dragon
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I have two pictures on deviantart now. They are the first two I've ever uploaded so they're not going to be as good as any of you guys. Hopefully, like most of you, it will get better as time progresses.

This one is a drawing of a lich. He is defending his container from looters.

This one is just a sketch, therefore not as good/detailed as the other. It is a young elf in his first battle.

I welcome any comments, positive or negative, but if you have to be negative try and give reasons so I can improve. Thanks very much, everyone!

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Old 03-17-2004, 04:20 PM   #2
Spirits forever

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ROFL!!! Funny drawings..I like
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Old 03-17-2004, 04:54 PM   #3
Silver Dragon
Bloody Pingu Champion
Join Date: July 29, 2003
Location: Shrewsbury, England
Age: 34
Posts: 1,635
Funny? Fair enough lol they're not supposed to be but yeah whatever [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh by the way, thanks for the suggestion for the elf. I would've done clothing better but I was lying in bed at the time at like midnight so I didn't have a lot of resources handy [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 03-17-2004, 10:51 PM   #4
Killing Spree

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Just a few tips that might save you some time and discouragement.

Since you're looking to progress, I suggest you look at other artists' works and try to pull things you think you can do from that. When I started really dedicating myself to drawing I flipped through D&D manuals for help with anatomy. At the same time I was cruising online art communities like Elfwood pretty much everyday, looking for ways to improve. Eventually I invested in some real anatomy and portrait drawing books. [img]tongue.gif[/img] While I don't reccomend following those idiotic step-by-step instructions in the books, it always helps to have the finished products to look at.

Another thing: Practice all the time. If you're just sitting around somewhere and you're bored: skip the daydreaming, leave the homework for later, and ■■■■ the TV, you need to draw. [img]tongue.gif[/img] NOTHING will improve your technique like practice.

Finally: Don't get discouraged! But know that it's going to take a while. I'm completely self-taught, and it took two years of doodling in the margins for me to really feel like I could draw all right. And dude, this is just one of those things where you never stop learning. So never get cocky about your skills. Keep telling yourself you suck, and eventually you'll get sick of your own abuse and improve. Yes, I did just contradict myself.

Anyway, hope that helps! Good luck...
We rock because it\'s us against them.
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Old 03-18-2004, 11:52 AM   #5

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Well my comment would just have to be, practise a lot man. Im not the most talented at art, but my brother is very good. He draws a lot I mean a lot a lot. He seems to spend loads of time doing it, he never really goes online or watches too much tv etc. he just draws. That is what makes him good. So just practise, trust me, it will make a difference
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