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Old 09-18-2001, 04:28 PM   #101

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Originally posted by Kaz:
On sympathy and expressions of regret: see this site:

Thank you Kaz I wasn't really complaining aobout a lack of sympathy at this time, most of the world has rallied and been very kind. I was just commenting on a post by Diogenes that I had just seen. Sorry for the confusion.

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Diogenes Of Pumpkintown
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Originally posted by MagiK:
Diogenese you are capable of writing quite moving text, I am curious why you just seem to snipe at my posts, rather than actually say something with meaning?

To me my words have meaning. I guess I am not being clear enough. I will try to do better

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Old 10-01-2001, 06:28 AM   #103

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But Amerika is a rich country so they don,t need any help don't they?
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Old 10-01-2001, 08:12 AM   #104
Jack Burton

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Hey Har'oloth! Welcome to the board! There are a lot of people here from the Netherlands, so you're not alone!!! To reply to your post: we did say that as well, in the beginning of this thread. America is indeed a rich country, which should be able to solve such problems themselves..
One of the main things which disappoints me gravely is the fact that famous people from all over the world are generously donating money to America, and so are the Americans themselves. But what did they do when the world was trying to collect money to battle AIDS in Africa?? Practically nothing, and AIDS has made far more casualties than the WTC attack.. It's a bit "unfair" if you ask me...

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