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Old 10-23-2000, 12:44 AM   #1
Rabbit Slayer

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I've tried it several time but with Nalia's kidnap i was left a little light on the magic side. Figter wise i kicked the first demons arse after i went back into the sphere armed Anomen with lots of free action spell and went after it! The free action stops the first demon from casting a succesful hold person. Jaheira conjured up every animal she could and i toddle of and killed the first one. The second demon is a different story. I lured most of his underlings away and dealt with them. then just kept sending my figters in with gallons of healing and strenth potions whilst jaheira, yoshimo and valygar shot him from afar. Managed to kill it on the 4th attempt. not easy meat is he.

Rabbit Slayer.
Old 10-23-2000, 06:09 AM   #2
Lord Elric

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The merry companions of Lord Elric have continued on to journey to other dimensions with the Planar Sphere and encountered some tough opponents in the shape of the Demons you have to kill to get a Demon Heart to travel back. I managed to kill the first Demon and got a Heart so I guess I can go back into the Sphere. However I feel like I haven't hurt them enough since I didn't get any loot from the place yet. So I continued on a little bit and encountered a new large Demon and a little Mage with him. However this fight I'm not sure I handle without major problems since I had a hard time killing just one lone Demon (lured away his Imps and other pets first). So before I waste too much time and spells/potions/wands etc I just wanted to check if anyone has made their way through this party and did they in that case finally find some treasure?

/Lord Elric
Old 10-23-2000, 07:23 PM   #3
Lord Elric

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Uhmm.. yes, but did he carry/guard any treasure or was it just an xp story? If it the later case I wont bother with it since on my first try he proved to be quite a bother, but if he is carrying around a funny sword or great helmet or armor or something like that (especially since I guess you wont be able to get back here later) it might be worth a try or two..

Old 10-25-2000, 04:47 AM   #4
Welcomed New User

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i killed 3 demons there and didn't get anyhting good. just xp. and 3 demon hearts and you only need one. so don't bother going back
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