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Old 11-29-2000, 01:02 AM   #1

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he he... nothings wrong with the toads. I just followed the story line and then I recogniced I missed something . Thanx for the quick answer. Now I will look for the dead guy with the writ...
Old 11-29-2000, 01:03 AM   #2

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You get the Writ by clicking on a stout corpse somewhere in the wilderness (maybe even near the mine, but I really don't remember where, sorry).

The brew should be obtainable from the boogre cave (haven't been there yet so no details available).

At the toad village you get Shinwiki's spear (a nice item, but then again you probably have better stuff by now) - and each of your chars can gain 5 hitpoints by touching the toadem pole (so it's probably worth going there even now - I've been there twice myself as my weakest two chars died during my first visit and I didn't want to miss the bonus for them, heh).
Old 11-29-2000, 12:47 PM   #3

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.. but I can`t enter the f...... mines. Since nobody else here had that problem I fear I am just to stupid . The dwarf wants a writ or a brew. I have neither. I just finished the castle and D`Soto told me to talk to the dragon. Since he ignores me while flying around I read that he will listen to me later. I guess my next location will be the mines then to get the dragon armor which lets me cross the bronze dragon. Am I right? So where do I get the brew or the letter he wants?

By the way: I never played the toad village, the only thing I played in the surrounding of Valeia was the crypt. Did I miss something important what stops me from playing the game to the end? If yes: Can I go back? If not: Does someone have the address of the programmers for hatemail???


Old 11-29-2000, 12:56 PM   #4

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The writ is lying next to a dead stout in a clearing not far from the mines, the brew is Boogre Brew which you get from the Boogre Caves, up near the Giant Mountains.

You can get back to Valeia easily, you should explore everywhere (the map is very useful) and you should always do all the quests you can, progressing in the guilds gives you cool new skills and traits.

And what's wrong with toads, huh? Go see Shinwiki, the toad shaman, up in the village, you won't regret it.
Old 11-29-2000, 02:55 PM   #5

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Check your E-mail, I just sent you a map of the Wilderness, (hills) which shows you at "J" where the burnt body is. Find that and it will have on it a letter to get you into the mines. You can also go to the Booger Dungeon and get Booger Brew which you can exchange with an official at the mine for the letter. I don't think there is anything stopping you from going back to the first area and doing the toad village quest. But I don't believe it is necessary to do that quest to finish the game. Just talk to the people in the town to get the quest if you do not still have it.
Old 11-29-2000, 06:09 PM   #6
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Yeah, by all means, you should do the toads - you must have at least one very old guild quest on the books, and that is stopping you from getting some others. In fact, everyone should take the opportunity to meet toad villager who loves water and walls - Ukabu like this toad, him silly, him make much laughter, and present wonderful challenge on road to Shinwiki.
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Old 11-29-2000, 10:35 PM   #7

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Him make much laughter when Ukabu make frog legs of him with an elemental blast ( and the other poor toad fool that stood too close ). Hey, sacrifices for the greater good I always say.
Old 11-30-2000, 03:17 AM   #8

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Hey guys!

Thanx a lot for your help, especially Winton for the maps! Decided to visit the Toad Village. Cool people....

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