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Old 05-12-2004, 12:51 AM   #1
Lord Ao

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For all the latest Support and FAQ information, visit our Official Escape from Undermountain Website at

1. What do I need to play the game online?:

You need to have the following:

1. Neverwinter Nights plus both official expansions, entitled Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark. As of Sept. 30th, 2004 you will be able to buy NWN plus both expansions for one low price in the new Platinum Edition. Check out the following link to the Bioware offical site.

2. NWN v.1.68

3. The Community Expansion Pack(CEP) v.1.52(rar) or v1.52(zip) + CEP v1 NWN1.68 Patch to make it usable with NWN v.1.68.

4. You also need to download the EfU Hack Pack.

I have packed up all the Massive hakpak files below, along with all the patches up to v1.3 (current patch) as well as the Arnaden hakpak in three files that are around 300MB each. This is all you will need to play EFU (except for CEP, which is a separate download, which most players have already).

Click HERE to download the following files

massive_v103_1_3.rar 335MB
massive_v103_2_3.rar 293MB
massive_v103_3_3.rar 278MB

5. Their is also a portrait pack here that you can download to give you some extra choices. Optional Download, but recommended! This amazing portrait pack adds over 100 high quality portraits you may use as your character's portrait!

**If you need an unzipper, go to or for the free unpacker.


Visit the Official "Escape from Undermountain" (EFU) Website here, at:

You will find all the files you need, all the latest news and updates as well as stuff coming soon,
detailed maps of each level of EfU and itemlists!!!


2. Do I have to have hi-speed internet or will a dial-up work?: Dial-up is fine, but it mainly depends on how many people are in the module with you at that time. Even broadband users get bogged down when alot of players are on the field. Nobody can say that you cannot attempt to play with dialup. You'll never know until you try. Some people have been successful with it, but some have not.

3. Can I use my own custom characters? No. Escape from Undermountain is a Server Vault mod. When you log on will be asked to create a new character. You will be automatically leveled up to Level 7 when entering EfU for the first time. When you leave and come back, your character you built will have been saved on the EfU server just as it was when you left.

************************************************** *****************************
************************************************** *****************************

Follow these instructions to log into and play Escape From Undermountain...a module created by Ziroc, the Webmaster of Ironworks.

1st-Place the Hordes of the Underdark disk in your computer's CD player.

2nd-NWN should start; if not then click your Icon to start NWN and press play.

3rd-When it finally gets to the window with the six options (NEW, LOAD, MULTIPLAYER, MOVIES, OPTIONS, & EXIT) Press MULTIPLAYER.

4th-Another window will open called "PLAYER LOGIN". Fill it in with player name and password or click create account (its free) then click O.K.

5th-Another group of window boxes will appear: press "Join Internet Game"

6th-Another window will open and may start filling with hunderds of different on line NWN game mods you can join but for now don't worry about them and look down at the very bottom of the page and click on the box "DIRECT CONNECT".
7th-A window will open in the middle of your screen and say SERVER ADDRESS, put in this address just as it is here with all dots as they are written:

**The EfU server does not require a password at this time.

8th-Click O.K. and wait for server to load. Another small window will open and say something like searching for selected server; then a large full screen window will open when you're connected and it will say Choose Available Character.

9th-Create a new character then press play.

It will take anywhere from odd seconds to a few minutes to load at this point depending on you computer and your connection, but in the next screen you see you will be in the "Yawning Portal Inn", the gateway to Escape from Undermountain.

You will then be leveled up to Level 7 and be given some gold.

Look around and speak with Durnan. You can purchase some basic items from him. Come back with more gold as he does have some very expensive but powerful items as well.

Before decending into Undermountain it is recommended to check out the basement of the Inn, Waterdeep & The Tradeway.

When you think you're ready for the big adventure, buy a token from Duran at the counter. It costs one gold coin; then go to the well in the right-center portion of the Inn (you can't miss it) and slowly move your mouse around over the WELL and the door icon will appear. Just click on it and start down into the UNDERMOUNTAIN.

* Be aware that you will be attacked right away so be ready!

Original post created by: TheCrimsomBlade
Edited by: Larry_OHF
Edited by: T-D-C (21-JAN-2005) - Took out patches as new players will download the full pack
Edited by: T-D-C (08-MAR-2005) - Made starting instructions a bit clearer
Edited by: Larry_OHF (04-July-2005) Instructions clean-up.
Edited by T-D-C (09-JUN-2006) - Reflected the new downloads page for the EFU Massive Hakpack
Edited by Larry_OHF (06-Dec-2006) - Updated information on files needed to play
Edit: T-D-C (25-MAY-2007) - Updated Hakpak download details

[ 05-25-2007, 03:45 AM: Message edited by: T-D-C ]
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