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Old 11-01-2001, 04:31 PM   #1
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For an unlimited amount of exp all you got to do is surrond the tanner in the bridge district to the point where he cannot excape. Attack and get your exp. Pause the game and keep on doing this until you max out the exp level.


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Old 11-01-2001, 04:52 PM   #2
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Forgive me, but i don't understand, perhaps you could explain exactly how this this works?
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Old 11-01-2001, 05:36 PM   #3

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If I recall correctly (it was a while ago when I did this)... after you confront the tanner and get him to confess, you get the exp. BUT if you have all of your party surround him BEFORE you talk to him... you can pause the game after you get the exp and then have one of your party attack him again. The game acts like you are confronting him for the first time and you get the EXP again. I was able to do this four times before he finally walked away. I think you got 20,000 exp for him, so that was 80,000 for me when I did it.

Make sure you place each member of your party around him so he has nowhere to walk. Otherwise he'll walk around your group after you confront him the first time.
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Old 11-01-2001, 08:52 PM   #4
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I'm tempted to call this cheating because you are exploiting a bug in the script...

Seems to me that it's easier to to use the console command to bump up your exp points.

Still, whatever way gives you most pleasure is OK..
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