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Old 11-01-2001, 12:17 AM   #31

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The ninja is a master of stealth, espionage and covert operations. It is unlike all the other classes, but incorporates certain elements of each. It's unlike the assasin because a ninja does not just kill. It's unlike a swashbuckler because a ninja does not just fight, a ninja is unlike a bounty hunter because he does not just set traps for prey.

Min Requirements
-12 Str - A Ninja must be strong
-16 Dex - A Ninja must be agile
-16 Int - A Ninja must be cunning
-15 Cha - A Ninja must be good with the ladies (lol, j/k)

-Has the same backstab and set normal snares of theives..
-Gains -1 Ac and +1 to hit and damage, then another -1 to Ac and +1 to hit and dmg every 7 levels.
-Gains +10 to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently
-May specialize in Katana, Wakasashi, Ninja-to and (new item that would be put in)Ninja Stars
-May put three stars in two weapon style
-Can coat weapon with poison every 7 levels that deals out 1 dmg every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, this does not improve in levels.

-Gains only 20 points per level to distribute to theiving abilities
-Has -10 penalty to pick pockets and open locks, -5 penalty to set snares and find/remove traps.
-May not use shields or bows. May only wear up to studded leather armor.

Thanks I might pump out a Samurai later, too tired right now...


"Est Sularis Oth Mithas"-->Honour Is My Life
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Old 11-01-2001, 02:47 PM   #32
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Why are u lot talking about Kits from TDD? Most of these ideas have already been made....ok so not to the same spec but the same name and background in TDD or elsewhere.
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Old 11-01-2001, 03:45 PM   #33

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Demon Knight

These fallen knights once wrecked havok throughout the land. Able to tear down great empires in one day, able to destroy whole army's in one swing of thier sword, and able to defeat the greatest warriors known to man. Then one day they all vanished no one knew why, some say they returned to hell where they belong, others say a great hero destroyed them all. In truth they were just sleeping, waiting for the time when they are summoned again, to wreck havok once more.

-17 str (min)
-17 wis (min)
-15 dex (min)
-5 car (max)
-16 con (min)



Chaotic Evil

-Faster movement rate than Barbarians
-Gains 10 resistance to slashing,percieng,crushing damage for every 3 levels
-May cast priest spells
-May cast "Dark Sword". This ability lets the knight to summon he's ancient sword to kill he's enemies.
Sword Status:
2d12+5, damage is doubled against any good aligned char's
Equiped Abilities:
immune to charm,imprisonment,hold,confuse,maze,psionics,petr ification,fear,emotion,level drain,and poison.
Duration: 5/per level of caster
-Gains -2 to Ac and +2 dmg every 10 levels

-Can only wear plate armors
-Can only specialise on Paladin weapon proefficiensies
-Can not turn undead

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Old 11-01-2001, 04:00 PM   #34
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

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Okay, here comes my Ghost character (AGAIN). Still a very very VERY rough draft


Ghosts are the spirits of people who had such a strong will that after death they were able to remain in this world, even keep a body. However, their body is not solid, more like mist. They must rest very often or else it collapses.

Stats Min: 17 wisdom (a ghost must have a very strong will)
14 dexterity (a ghost is agile and quick)
Stats Max: 12 strength, 12 constitution (this is a GHOST, okay?)

Can Stealth like a Thief, gets 10 points in Stealth per level (?)
Innate abilities:
All people fighting within sight of the ghost must save vs ? or get -1 to hit.
Invisibility, Horror, Shadow Summoning, Stun, Sleep, Immunity to physical attacks
All physical attacks have a 10% (?) chance of doing no damage, this improves by 1% per level. A Ghost has 10% magic resistance.

A ghost may not use ranged weapons, it may only use daggers, short swords and ? It may only wear up to studded leather armor
!! When wearing ANYTHING/using weapons, a Ghost must roll every few rounds as to whether the item falls onto the ground. This is dependent on the weight of the item (a ring has less chance of falling than an armor)

A Ghost has + to speed and - to AC
Every attack has a chance to (level-dependent) cause panic, stun, sleep, cause ? damage.

Every attack does half damage, later a quarter.
A ghost has a severe minus to HP. It regenerates, but Heal spells do not work on it. Potions maybe.
A ghost must rest far more often than normal characters, depending on how much it is carrying. If it does not rest when it is tired, it falls apart into a cloud of mist.

Feel free to change, use or discard as you wish!


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