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Old 01-30-2005, 09:15 AM   #1

Join Date: October 4, 2001
Location: Kingdom of the West,..P.o. Cynagus
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A 21-year-old man was hospitalized in intensive care in Murdoch, Australia (near Perth), in December following a barroom stunt in which he put on a helmet connected to a beer jug, with a hose that ran between the jug and a pump powered by an electric drill. The idea was to facilitate drinking a large quantity of beer without the laborious tasks of lifting a glass and swallowing, but the flow was so powerful that he had to be rushed to the hospital with a 10-centimeter tear in his stomach. [The West Australian, 12-15-04]

53.7% of all statistics are made up
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Old 01-30-2005, 09:20 AM   #2
Jack Burton

Join Date: August 24, 2002
Location: Brisbane
Age: 32
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Wow [img]graemlins/wow.gif[/img] I thought the beer hats alone were cool, but a drill powerd one!?!?!?!
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Old 01-30-2005, 09:56 AM   #3

Join Date: October 4, 2001
Location: Kingdom of the West,..P.o. Cynagus
Posts: 4,212
BTW if you really want some wierd stories, go to The current crop is really a bunch of nut cases.

53.7% of all statistics are made up
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Old 01-30-2005, 10:07 AM   #4
Jack Burton

Join Date: March 21, 2001
Location: Philippines, but now Harbor City Sydney
Age: 36
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cute.. i for one dont mind lifting the glass.. gives me a little excercise .

Catch me if you can..
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Old 01-30-2005, 11:46 AM   #5
Symbol of Cyric

Join Date: July 3, 2001
Location: Cornwall England
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Every self repecting alcoholic knows that IV malt whiskey/jack daniels is the way to go!!
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Old 01-30-2005, 04:51 PM   #6

Join Date: November 1, 2002
Location: Australia ..... G\'day!
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Wellard takes off his hat bows his head and offers the man involved a moment’s respectful silence. Is there any greater sacrifice than to risk your life for the potential benefit of you’re fellow beer drinker? When he gets out of hospital I suggest we award him a medal (made from bottle tops of course)

What should we call the medal?

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Old 01-30-2005, 05:06 PM   #7
Takhisis Follower

Join Date: April 30, 2001
Location: szép Magyarország (well not right now)
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How about Loser Lager Lout's Award? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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If he could set that aside, there'd be heaven to pay
But weathered and aged, time swept him to grave
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Old 01-30-2005, 05:48 PM   #8
40th Level Warrior

Join Date: March 24, 2002
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Did he patent the thing? I wanna make one too and commercialized it.
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