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Old 06-01-2001, 08:32 PM   #81
adam warlock
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printable links to help one identify the little icons


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Old 06-02-2001, 01:28 PM   #82
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I cannot BELIEVE this one wasn't in "Best Tips" already...oh well, better late than never...

Guild Quests in each town and their advancement


1. Kill Mon the Sculz 200 XP No Advancement
2. Visit Toad Villages 200 XP Guild Level 2
3. Retrieve Sword of Mastus 500 XP Guild Level 3

1. Check on Scabban 200 XP Guild Level 2
2. Kill Tevik Teporn 200 XP No Advancement
3. Retrieve Orb of Clarity 500 XP Guild Level 3

1. Deliver Toad Potion 200 XP Guild Level 2
2. Donate to Temple Treasury 500 XP Guild Level 3
3. Retrieve Ring of Saints 500 XP No Advancement

1. Return 5 skulls 50 XP 50 GP (ongoing)
2. Slay Juba Thobers 250 XP 250 GP
3. Deliver package to Lord Barrenhawk in Ishad N'ha 250 XP 250 GP


1. Kill the Ghost of Gliebott in Shurugeon Castle 500 XP Guild Level 4
2. Deliver the Stout Mine Invitation 750 XP Guild Level 5
3. Kill Dosh'i Gin the Cyclops 1000 XP Guild Level 6

1. Return Ardibren's Relic (Keepsake) from Shurugeon Castle 500 XP Guild Level 4
2. Find the Idol of Aku (Boogre Caves) 500 XP Guild Level 5
3. Return the Colanth's Eye (Dragonspire) 1000 XP Guild Level 6

1. Kill the Naga of the Serpent Temple 1000 XP Guild Level 4
2. Bring proof of the existance of Galian (Shurugeon Castle) 500 XP Guild Level 5
3. Deliver Jathil's Letter 750 XP Guild Level 6

1. Gather 10 Serpin coins from Serpent Temple 500 XP Guild Level 2
2. Find Ardibren's Jounal (Shurugeon Castle) 500 XP Guild Level 3
3. Return the Band of Boars (Boogre Caves) 1000 XP Guild Level 4
4. (IF ASSASSIN) Kill Grue Morde 2500 XP

1. Deliver Torin the Dragon Arrow 500 XP Guild Level 2
2. Find out what happened to Grunaxe (Boogre Caves) 750 XP Guild Level 3
3. Kill the Assassin Shrew Chisi 1000 XP Guild Level 4

1. Slay the Werewolf 1000 GP 1000 XP
2. Disable the Bronze Firebeast 1000 GP 1000 XP (game says 2000, but that's a misprint)
3. Kill the Bandit King 2000 GP 2000 XP


1. Return Strumbold's Helm (stolen by Argothius the Centaur) 2500 XP Guild Level 7
2. Slay Gosh'in and retrieve his shield (Skull Castle) 2500 XP
3. Slay Ramakamil of Wyr, the insane mage (Enchanted Isle) 5000 XP

1. Kill Madda Mabig the Vampire in Skull Castle (the quest that never shuts up) 2500 XP Guild Level 7
2. Deliver a seed from the Living Tree (Treant Seeds) 5000 XP
3. Break the ward and open Anephas' Shrine 5000 XP (only available if you "tree-surf" to the Lost Sea area before going to the Shrine).

1. Locate the Fountain of Isis 2500 XP, Guild Level 7
2. Return the Relic of Isis 5000 XP
3. Find the Monk's Ward 10000 XP

1. Deliver a hook to Talrik 2500 XP, Guild Level 5
2. Bring proof of existance of the Leprechaun (return the Stone of Clover) 5000 XP, Guild Level 6
3. The Talon's Fang quest (retrieve the Talon's Fang from Collasium, 500 XP, Guild Level 7)...due to a bug, will only "kick in" if you haven't taken the Leprechaun quest.
The Talon's Fang Quest

>This is the third quest from Miruth in the Brimloch Roon Pawn >Shoppe. Normally a member of the Thieves Guild won't receive this >quest due to a minor programming error but here are a couple of >solutions:

>1) Have one thief accept the Leprechaun's Quest and another thief >decline it. Then re-enter the Guild with the second character and >Miruth will offer the Talon's Fang quest.

>2) Complete the Talrik's Hook quest, kill the Leprechaun (without >taking that quest), and then visit the Thieves Guild to get the Fang >quest.

>The Talon's Fang is found in Collasium. It is either in a chest or >is dropped by the Mother of Crabs after killing her. A cool, watery >quest.

1. Slay the Darkened one in the Temple of Isis 2500 XP, Guild Level 5
2. Slay Bloodbeard the Pirate 5000 XP, Guild Level 6
3. Return the No-Dachi of the Stone 5000 XP, Guild Level 7

1. Kill Gineleng, the insane Centaur, 2500 GP 2500 XP
2. Slay the 3-headed Hydra on the Isle of Sands, 10000 GP 10000 XP
3. ??? does not exist ???

1. Return 3 conch shells to Brimley 200 GP 200 XP (ongoing)

Note that due to design error, some of the quests are very difficult to get (such as the Anephas Shrine quest for the Wizard's Guild because you (normally) have to go through the Shrine to get to the area where you find the Bark Horrors (Living Trees). There are workarounds (such as mine about tree-surfing over to the Lost Sea area from Brimloch Roon), or stealing the seed from Oakenmir (which only one character may get credit for, remember).

Also, without the patch, some quests repeatedly pay off every time you enter the Guild, such as the Jathil quest for the Priest's Guild in Ishad N'ha, the Leprechaun Quest in the Thieves Guild of Brimloch Roon, and the Grue Morde Assassin quest in either Thieves' Guild.


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I added in Xignal's information on how to get the 3rd Thief quest in Brimloch Roon.

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Old 06-05-2001, 08:29 AM   #83
Pangur Ban

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Need some storage space for items that you might think will come in handy later?

Create 3 characters in the inn at Valeia. Name them something appropriate: - Backpack-1, Backpack-2, etc.

When you have reached Ishad N'Ha, return to Valeia. Reform your party, taking Backpack-2 and Backpack-3 to Ishhad N'ha. ( avoid all combats !! ) Leave then in the inn. Return to Valeia and reform your party.

Use the Backpack characters as the name suggests !!

( Hope someone finds this useful ... )

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Old 06-05-2001, 01:45 PM   #84
Ironworks Moderator

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To keep Erathsmedor from "roasting you" in the Shire...

1) Get your Wizard/Warlock studied in "Occultism", then "Enchant" (available after the Ardibren's Relic quest in Ishad N'ha, if s/he has done them all up to that point).

2) Get the Enchant skill points up to Level 4.

3) Have them study the Artifact of Fire spell (5th level Sun)

3) Take a Silver or Jewel Ring (usually found around Valeia or in the Serpent Temple), and enchant it with 4 powers of Pro Fire. This gives a pure 80% Fire Resistance.

4) Give it to the Lead Character, along with a Ring of Gedda (15% fire resistance), and you'll have 95% resistance to fire, plus whatever initial resistances you have to it in the first place.

Since the lead character is the only one who takes fire damage from Erathsmedor, s/he will be protected, and you can wander the Shire with impunity.

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Old 06-06-2001, 06:26 PM   #85
The Magister

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when looking for shells in the sea for ur breathers, find 3 shells, take it to the guy and switch to a different player and back again. this should give u multiple breathers and masks.

have fun

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Old 06-07-2001, 04:20 AM   #86
Red Dragon

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We all know this. Hunt down Medakwa running around like an idiot and lose your nerves gradually. Quit the game and try again - and again.
1. It is simple to give Medakwa 1 potion. Wait for his question. Answer "yes". Switch to "Give" and prepare the potion. Click on Medakwa immediately after his finishing his speech (the speech ends with "Go now!"). The method is foolproof.
2. The problem is with multiple potions. The following extension of "one potion" method is possible:
a) Clear the way to Medakwa.
b) Send one guy with one potion to Medakwa. Put the rest of the potion givers into the inn.
c) The "one potion" method.
d) Put the guy which finished the task into the inn.
e) Send another potion giver. Again, your group must contain only one potion giver and it must not contain anybody who was already successful with giving the potion. Medakwa will start from scratch with his speech. Therefore, you can use the "one potion" method again.
f) Repeat until done.
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Old 06-07-2001, 07:27 PM   #87
Drow Warrior

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I have never had any trouble giving the potions to Mekdawa after the first game. I hated the fact that he kept asking why I had not gone to the village yet after I had completed the game. I even tried "going Toad" to see if he would recognize that I had been there. He never did. So I do what I normally to to some of the more obnoxious idiots at work. I ignore them.

When I see Mekdawa for the first time, I usually have all (or all that can) my characters holding the potion. When he asks if I need know what Ukabu means, I hit ignore. He says something like "Fine, Ukabu. I tell you later." Then he leaves. The next time I see him he acts as if he has never spoken to me and gives me the first speel all over again.

I can give him the potions when he is saying his beginning speel or after I have ignored him and it doesn't seem to matter. Because he tells me that I am Ukabu after I give him the potion, Ukbu recognizes me as Ukabu and lets me in.

I have never had a problem with my characters this way, and even my Rogue who couldn't do the quest right away can come back later and give him the potion while he is still asking if I need know what Ukabu means.

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Old 06-11-2001, 10:12 PM   #88
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This is a SAZ post!!!
Okay, once more for the troops...
There have been so many questions regarding how to get the guilds to work properly under a W2k install that I am making one post regarding this and will attempt to keep this "bumped" back to the top periodically.

The problem is that in Windows 2000, the town .avi files are compressed and won't work properly. To uncompress them, you need to go to the following site:

Once you get there, load the file townmsk1.avi from the Townavi directory in your Wizards & Warriors folder into Virtualdub. Save it with the "Save as old-format AVI". You will get back a 32MB file. Rename this file townmsk1.avi (over the old file).

Now restart Wizards & Warriors. You should be able to get inside all the buildings. This also prevents crashing from inside towns.

For the workaround in Win 98 or Windows Me, the solution is to reset your Compression codecs in the Windows Setup. Open up Control Panel (Start ->Settings ->Control Panel), click on the "Add or Remove Programs" icon, and then click on the Windows Setup tab. Scroll down the list until you find "Multimedia", then click on it and then click the "Details" button. Make sure "Video Compression" is checked. Then click the OK button.

Also make sure that you have the current version of Direct X installed. You can download it from the above link.

Hope this may solve some of the technical problems in getting Wizards and Warriors started on various systems.

Have fun!

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Old 06-12-2001, 04:18 PM   #89
Ironworks Moderator

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On whether or not to install the patch....consider this first!

What you gain from the patch:

    [*]It fixes the "Crazy Dance" bug when you go to pick up an item[*]It fixes the "Inn" bug to where items stored on characters in the Inn won't randomly disappear[*]It fixes crashing when using thrown items such as knives, throwing axes, miners bombs, etc.[*]It fixes the Vampire Ring bug to where you can now equip the Vampire Ring without crashing to the desktop[*]It allows you to adjust the lighting in the dungeons when in D3D mode. This feature will NOT work in software mode.[*]The Colanth's Eye will no longer disappear if you leave the area in the Dragonspire quest.[*]The Scabban quest now correctly identifies you having completed the quest if you meet Scabban outside of his "lab"[*]You are required to physically visit the Toad Village quest (i.e., ENTER Toad Village) to receive credit for the Warrior's Guild quest.[*]Allegedly, it was supposed to fix the "toad stuck in tunnel" phenomenon. Many people running the patch still claim this exists, though.[*]Kerah's Elevator in the Shrine of Anephas no longer is disabled once you leave the area, so you can visit the hidden shrine multiple times.[*]The teleport bug in the Pyramid of Cet is fixed (allegedly) so you can re-enter and exit the pyramid after the Endgame.[*]The Spirit Shield trait now works appropriately.[/list]
    What the patch REMOVES from the game (what you lose):

      [*]The ability to use the "Infinite Gold Bug" feature of the Inn (to get large amounts of gold at the beginning of the game)[*]The ability to use the "Toughen" cheat outside of a city gate to permanently increase a character's HP[*]The ability to get multiple credits for a quest by clicking on and off a character's portrait rapidly while the questgiver is acknowledging the quest[*]The ability to get credit for, and still keep, very useful quest items in the game by trading them to another character while the questgiver was still talking. Examples here are: ARDIBREN'S KEEPSAKE, ASSASSIN'S DAGGER, MONK'S WARD, NO-DACHI OF THE STONE, BAND OF BOARS, STONE OF CLOVER[*]As above, the ability to get multiple assassins or zenmasters by trading the requisite quest object (ASSASSIN'S DAGGER or TOMES OF CREATION) to another character while being offered the new role.[/list]
      So, based on this, it's up to you whether or not you wish to patch the program.

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Old 06-13-2001, 09:47 AM   #90
Dungeon Master

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When TO Ascend (That's what the Official Strategy Guide says)

Choosing when to undertake the quest for an Elite Role can be difficult. Elite Roles are always better than the four Basic Roles, so you might be tempted to ascend immediately. However, there are advantages to waiting. As soon as you complete the quest for the new Role you stop advancing in your old Role and begin as a first level member of your new Role. This means that you will hit levels fast and furiously until you equal your old Role's levels, and then you will slow down again. For each new level you gain in the new Role, you will get only minimal (generally one) hit points and Skill points and very seldom gain any Attribute points.

So if you switch roles at level 5, you will gain five bonus Skill and Hit Points, and then gain them normally at level 6 and above. Think about that for a moment... if you wait until level 10 to do the switch, you will get ten bonus Skill and Hit Points and have all the powers of two tenth level Roles to choose from. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Also remember that each new level costs more experience points than the last to advance in, so going from level 9 to 10 is far harder than going from level 1 to 2. By switching Roles at a higher level, you get more chance to pick up all the spells in your books of magic, etc.

One suggestion is to ascend Warriors to Barbarians faily early in the game (at around level 5), then wait until they are level 10 to assign them to Elite fighting Roles. Keep your Wizard and Priest in their original Role until they maxed out their spell-casting abilities, and then become Warlocks (somewhere around level 10). Your Rogue could become a Bard at level 9, and then a Ninja once he reaches level 11 as a Bard. These delayed ascensions can make your party more well-rounded and better able to cope with the various situations in the world.

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