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Old 09-25-2001, 08:44 AM   #1

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Does anybody know if there is a "cheat" code controlling the state ("up" or "down") of the drawbridge at Nalia's keep? Sure would like to get back inside since the gold is piling up.
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You can always use the secret entrance to get in and open it yourself.


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Old 09-25-2001, 08:54 AM   #3

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Not if you finished Nalia's original quest and left by the secret entrance. I only got back in to accept the ownership of the keep by meeting Nalia at the "front door" of the keep (closed until I accepted ownership). Later, to get back out of the keep I had to send one party member up to the drawbridge switch while having a second party member "stand" on the drawbridge once it dropped. As soon as the last member of group crossed the bridge it closed again.
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If you have debug mode on, you can use ctrl+J to 'Jump'(teleport) to any area of the I guess that you just teleport back to the drawbridge control.

Can't think why you'd want to get back into the castle when it's not your stronghold anymore? Afterall, the place will continue to have a never ending supply of Trolls to deal with and sleeping there is the same as sleeping in the open air - you still stand a chance of failing to learn spells and you don't heal so quickly, etc.etc.

Have fun doing it 'The Star Trek' way...
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Old 09-25-2001, 02:39 PM   #5

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Crap, I was hoping that I could tweak a "game state" variable with Shadowkeeper and fix the drawbridge problem permanently. I want to get back in the keep because I still own it (still getting messages about gold accumulating). Since I didn't leave by the drawbridge after finishing Nalia's original quest, it won't stay down and I have to resort to "funny business" to get back inside.

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