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Old 06-22-2001, 11:30 AM   #1
Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil

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As, The lord of evil sips some Heaven's merlot, he thinks, How am I, Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil, going to conquer Tethyr, and to take out Karrax, the evil godlike warrior of the south west, and his acomplices, (sp?) Moratul, The Great Wizard,
(actually a lich) Konos, Revered Thief Of Karrax (they share a domain), and StormTalon, the living emboidment of Talos, lord of storms.
Their great armies, which can ultimatly take over the FR, were composed of the divisions.

Moratul's Forces
Warrior Magi- The awsome fighter mages, that ride on nightmares (chaotic evil to lawful evil) with spears of atleast +1 enchantment. they wear Elven Chain,
and have access to upto lvl 7 spells.

Konos's Guild
Elite Assasin: These guys, are the elite of the elite (by assassin standards)
with +1 katanas and wahzashis(sp?)

StormTalon's Might
Elite Storm Barbarian: Barbarian storm warriors that generally have +3 or better maces, hammers, and axes.
Storm Elementals: this power was given to Storm Talon when just an ininshiate (sp?) and are alot more powerful then lowly air elementals. They can cast Fury of Talos by a 3rd lvl priest of talos.
Fury of Talos: If this spell is cast at level 1, it does Crushing and Bludgeoning damage of 1D30. If this spell is cast at max levels, it will do 10/10 damage.

Karrax's Fleet Of Vile and Evil Beings
Soldier: Has +2 short sword, with chainmail.
Archer: Has Arrows Of Biting, and leather armor with +1 long bow
Guardian: Heavely armored mutant of Karrax's Army. These, weapons of destruction, come with 4 large claws on each of its two arms, which can tear a dragon limb from limb in seconds. They are basically undead UmberHulks, with hulking claws.
Grand Super Guardian: Ohhh..... this guy means DEATH........ There is only 2 to an attack force, and for good reason, because they are hard to upgrade regular guardians to Grand Super Guardians. These guys are SO tough, even lesser gods have trouble. They have a powerful Optic Blast, which does about 200 damage per blast. their regular attacks are ungodly, and they're NASTY!
They can sacrifice themselves (5+ or more depending on the strength of this creature) to be a......... YuoOniGarado, a think you dont say, "Hey big butt, U SUCK!" to. Their Grand Optic Blast does about 460 damage a blast for each thing affected (unless we have mirror weapons to deflect most of it) and shoots cloud kill spores which, can home on target.

Gwhanos, is training hard to be the best. He'd summon Great Wyrms, and spar with three at once! Being a Sorceror that can use Murderor: The Improved Black Razor, he hacked, and spelled his way thru!
Old 06-22-2001, 11:37 AM   #2
Drow Warrior

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So, it must be quite embarrassing to wake up from this dream having wet the bed?
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Old 06-22-2001, 05:12 PM   #3
Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil

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Gwhanos: Arilk, REPORT!(G
Arilk: What do you want to know sir? (A
G:Hows the mobile ship doing?
A: Wh.....attt mobile ship sir?
G: Oh, i see you cant read my mind, so I shall make you some decent ideas.

* suddenly, a huge castle extension grows from the front of the keep, pushing the throne room back to the back of the castle (well second to the libraries and dormatories)
G: (breathing heavily) That..... was tough.... For u see, Gwhanos's base was as big as Harper's Hideout (both floors combined) and had little space for labs and other magical things. The guards and slaves slept in the Grig, which would take the entire second floor to the harpers hideout to make, except there was a door, by a room of treasure, that led to the Grig.
G: Now it is as big as.......the entire Ust'Natha City! It is from the Slave holding pins, to the South eastern platform. It is "dressed" in a combo of styles. It has Mindflayer style interior, with a Ust'natha exterior! The outside view is a jet black crystal-like castle appearance, with designs of that of the Lich's Tower mixed. My throne is graced under a MindFlayer Head Stone figure, and have Kuo-Tua for guards. The kuo-toa are the Captain variety, and I have about 20,000 of them roaming about my dimension ( I only have a small island otherwise i would have to exert more energy) with their own stealth groups etc. I do still have the 500 headed black dragon great wyrm, he resides in the cave in the mountains.
G: Now, Kuo-Tua! Fetch me Jan Jansen! And Other GREAT INVENTORS!
A: Sir, you should rest, you have been pacing day and night babbling about a Throne Of Bhaal......
A:...... I didnt mean to.... master PLZ DONT HURT ME!
KuoTua: Master! We have found the best inventors my men can find!
G: I'll call you XYLO!
X: Sure master!
G: Bring 'em in I need to see 'em!
X: Yes SIR!
Jan: Please dont hurt me or my friends!
G: Im not going to hurt you....... unless you dont do what i say.......... YOU WILL DIE!'
Jan: Ok......... what can i do for you (thinking heheh, he'll never figure out its defective)
Jan: How..... did you know.....
G: I request a planar transportation device. That can fly, and can summon golems, more kuo toa etc. Can you make it?
Jan: sure, but we need blue prints....
G: Here you go!
Jan: this machine... is INSANE!
G: Look, I could tear off your friend's head with my mind k?
Jan: forget what i said....... i'll do iT!
G: excellent! I have given you a lab.....
Jan when sees lab: WOW!!!!!!!
G: heheheh...
Old 06-22-2001, 05:24 PM   #4
Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil

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G: my, my. Jan, I never knew you could construct the planar spheres' core in 2 days!
Jan: We used INVENTO! pills you see. They make our progress go up by 100%!
G: Ah, you saw those pills didn't you?
Jan: yeah we did.
G: here, have about 40 of them.
Jan: you will have your sphere by the end of the day.
G: good. I look forward to it!
At the dawn of the new day.....
G: WOW! Can it fly?
Jan: Yess.. and shoot missles too.
Jan: the missles shoot out (when they land) about 50,000 Kuo-Tuan warriors (all captains) and mature vampires YOU HAVE EXACTLY 1000 of these!
G: oh i will..... (karrax your a dead demi god).......
Jan: Wheres OUR PAY?
G: how about i erase your memory, and put you back where you belong!
Jan and co: NOOOOOOO!! (whiteness)
Gwhanos, has now constructed his sphere, and is now ready to travel to tob!
He found demon hearts in the cores' storage box. It had been set to an Ever Demonic Heart, meaning that once this green demon heart is placed in, the ship has unlimited energy!

Will the real cheesy lich stop using timestop, stop using time stop, YEAH BABY! :1diablo:

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