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Old 04-11-2002, 09:42 PM   #141
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Originally posted by Dr.Pick:
Take advantage of that obnoxious Jinni in Doshi Gin's Lamp! NO, don't settle for just 3 wishes! I'm running the Patch("invoked",I believe)and this still works.

Bring the Lamp to the Town Gates, and make sure you have several "Mules" in town. Save your game before you begin, and after each successful wish granted in case you make a boo boo.

As soon as you "use" the Lamp on another char. to invoke the Jinni, the Jinni appears and starts to talk. As soon as he starts talking, enter your inventory screen and DROP the Lamp!

Then, exit the inventory screen, and when the Jinni asks you to choose a "gift", pick a TRAIT(e.g. Arms of Argus)you want the have, NOT an ITEM.

When he disappears, pick up the Lamp with a different char. and "use" it on another char. You can't have the same char. "use" and/or receive from it twice, so keep track of who's used it on whom. The Jinni get's all beligerent if you mess that up. You can get traits for 5 char's in a 6 char party up to now(one less than the # of char's in your party).

Next, enter the Town, go to the Inn, and exchange all the char's who've received traits already with "Mules" to accompany the char who DIDN'T get a trait.

Exit the Town, have a "Mule" pick up the Lamp to invoke the Jinni to grant a TRAIT to the last member of your party without a trait.

Have the "Mules" ask for ITEMS(e.g.Sword of Argus) to give to your party members to use, and/or sell for a tidy profit!

When everyone's made a wish, reenter the Town, and regather your party with all their new stuff! (and please don't forget to thank the Jinni)

I have something more to add to that. Get some more mules and a few of your best characters and then when the Jinni is summoned, drop the lamp (as usual). Then when he goes to the line "Before I tire and offer it no more..." change to your best character immediately before the choices appear in the reply box. It should appear like the one who summoned the Jinni is the best character you had and chose. This way you can raise your character stats up to the point of your fingers' surrender, get the Arm of Argus to the character that still doesn't have it, or pile up your health to how much you want it and turn it to an avatar! (This should rank as a cheat, though.)
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Old 04-22-2002, 03:08 PM   #142
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Old 04-23-2002, 12:14 PM   #143

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Donīt know if this is a tip or a techie but Iīll post this here so poor Wyv donīt need to search the entire board again... This is for all gamers with win2k who canīt play cause the game freezes when disarming, casting spells, giving things away, walking, stuff like that...

1) Run:
"C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\regsvr32.exe c:\windows\apppatch\slayerui.dll"
A message box appears --> click ok (duh lol)
2)Run apcompat from the win2k CD. Choose to run deep6.exe in win98 mode! If logged in as administrator check the box "disable heap manager....". If logged in to your own account check the box "use pre windows Temp path".

This should do it! Worked for me
Confuzzled by nature.
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Old 04-23-2002, 02:07 PM   #144
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GAINING 7th level in Guilds FAST by Dragonrider

This is for the upatched version only.

You can get Level 7 early in the game.

Brotherhood of Promise Mekdawa Quest
Magic Shoppe Scabban Quest
Armory Toad Village Quest
Guild of Shadow Ten Gold Coins Quest

Once you have completed the quest do the following. The first person must be selected before you enter the guild. Click on each person in line, then go back to the first person and repeat going through the sequence again for a total of ten times. You will have to wait for the guild master to catch up but when he is finished you will be awarded with outstanding achievement and will be a level 7 in the guild. I have not discovered the quest for the rest of the guilds but when I do I will post them.

(All characters had the above quest)
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Old 04-26-2002, 10:35 AM   #145
Noble Wolf
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I have found that if you start all your charaters as wizards - with stats that will get you into the other guilds straight away or soon after start(use the "apply for change and then quit" process to join all the guilds). Then progress your wiz through - 9th level wizard - 9th level paladin - 9th level ranger - 6th level bard - any level barbarian(use this change to "level up" on any low skills) - 8th level samurai - then DECIDE weather you want your final charater to be either Warlock, Ninja or Assassin and either go through 7th level ninja or 9th level Warlock. You end up with a charater that has ALL books of magic has gone to 23rd or 24th level stats(use Ankhs). and can KILL anything in or out of the Gael Serran by magic, weapon or just that really mean stare, - and all this before you leave Ishad N'Ha. My Game group is made up of 3 yes THREE charaters only and most of the time I adventure with only 1. That way each adventurer gets maximum EXP.

Wyvern, thanks for noticing and suggesting the best tips thread.
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Old 05-02-2002, 09:20 AM   #146
Red Dragon

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A small correction to the level advancement table:
The table posted here is correct AS LONG AS the difference between the current level and the next level is less than 250000 XP. When the difference should be greater than 250000 XP, it is set to 250000 XP. In the other words, the difficulty of leveling up increases first (the difference increases) and then remains constant to the end of the game.
That's why you gain levels fast in the Valeia (low requirements), then your speed of gaining levels drops considerably in Ishad N'Ha (high requirements but cheap monsters), and then you gain level after level in Brimloch Roon (it's 250000 XP from one level to next one and the monsters are expensive).
Another consequence is that there is no "cheap" or "expensive" roles in the game. The quick advancing character reaches the "250000 treshold" at, say, level 17, and then it needs 250000 XP for every next level. The slow advancing character reaches the theshold at, say, level 14, and then it needs its 250000 XP as well. Therefore, the difference in levels between these characters will not increase and remains 2 or 3 levels to the end of the game.

[ 05-02-2002, 09:22 AM: Message edited by: Radek ]
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Old 05-17-2002, 08:38 AM   #147
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Here is a result of my investigations of blessing weapons. I blessed the weapons under the following conditions:
a) Blessings 12.
b) Add as many blessings for damage as possible.
The table below contains:

weapon name, damage after blessing/addad damage per 1 blessing, weapon class, bonus attack, probable earliest place in the game where you can find the weapon.

Note that many weapons are already enchanted so that you cannot add 12 blessings everytime.

1H weapons:

Assassin's Dagger, 17-68/1-4, dagger, Poison and Death Strike, Ishad N'ha [1]
Wizard's Blade, 18-66/1-4, dagger, Sleep, Scull Castle
Lance of the Lady, 15-66/1-4, pole, Death Strike, The Pyramid [3]
Battle Mace+2, 17-62/1-4, mace, none, Collasium
Mace of Mangling, 18-60/1-4, mace, Stun, Collasium [5]
Sword of Hearts, 16-55/1-4, rapier, Death Strike, The Pyramid
Tomonari Katana, 16-54/1-3, katana, none, Collasium
Bloodslinger, 17-51/1-3, sword, Death Strike, The Pyramid [2]
Sword of Argus, 16-50/1-3, sword, Death Strike, given by the Djinni
Dagger+2, 17-49/1-3, dagger, none, Skull Castle
Long Sword+2, 16-46/1-3, sword, none, The Pyramid
Robinsword, 16-44/1-3, rapier, Death Strike, Shurugeon Castle [6]
Nightblade, 18-34/1-2, sword, Paralyze and Fear, Shurugeon Castle
Witch's Stick, 14-24/1-2, pole, Sleep, Valeia [4]

2H weapons:

The Devil's Axe, 17-62/1-4, cursed axe, Paralyze and Stone, Brimloch Roon
Murakata No Dachi, 20-54/1-3, katana, Death Strike, The Pyramid
Great Sword of Death, 18-54/1-3, sword, Death Strike, The Pyramid [2]
Great Sword of Doom, 18-54/1-3, cursed sword, Death Strike, Skull Castle
No Dachi of the Stone, 21-38/1-2, katana, Death Strike and Stone, Brimloch Roon

Second weapons:

Wakizashi+2, 15-45/1-3, katana, none, The Pyramid
Talon's Fang, 14-44/1-3, cursed dagger, Stone, Collasium
Main Gauche+2, 15-43/1-3, dagger, none, Skull Castle
Side Hammer+1, 17-32/1-2, mace, none, Dragon's Spire
Wakizashi+1, 15-31/1-2, katana, none, given by Thorin
Skull Dagger, 14-30/1-2, cursed dagger, poisoning, Brimloch Roon

Weapons that cannot be enchanted:

Shinwiki's Spear
Trident of Tides
Imperial Gladius
Orion's Hammer
Sword of Kerah
Axe of Runes and Stones [2]
Serpent Staff
Staff of Locusts

1. Assassin's Dagger. Info added by Felix the Assassin.
2. Bloodslinger, Great Sword of Death and Axe of Runes and Stones. Info added by Packart.
3. Lance of The Lady. Neither Zenmaster (he) nor a Barbarian (he) can use it. Perhaps only a Paladin? Perhaps only a female - Lance of THE LADY?? Packart notes that the lance can be used by Valkyrie.
4. Witch's Stick. Tends to decompose to prime roots at every occasion. It needs to be blessed for toughness. Neverheless, Witch's Stick blessed for toughnes three times and for damage eight times (damage 10-20) is a more than sufficient weapon for Valeia and Ishad N'Ha usable by warlocks and mages.
5. Mace of Magling. It tries to break as well! Note that the mace does not have the "toughness" characteristics in its description. It needs blessings for toughness which lowers its value considerably.
6. Robinsword. It has also no "toughness" stat! I haven't tried whehter it breaks as well but it is very probable.
7. Daggers. Daggers seem to be the best weapons in the game. I tried it and found out that the magic boosts of inflicted damage (Heroic Might, Bloodlust, perhaps also Fury trait and Noble Cause trait) do not seem to apply well to daggers! Even with dagger skill 8, Heroic Might and Bloodlust, my blessed Wizard's Blade and Main Gauche +2 inflicted damage mostly in the weapon's range. With other weapons, I frequently scored damage above the range. Perhaps, it is only a hallucination.
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Old 06-06-2002, 09:48 PM   #148
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~bump~ for those poor souls on dialup
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Old 07-02-2002, 02:17 PM   #149
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Old 07-03-2002, 04:15 PM   #150
Drizzt Do'Urden

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Okay I didn't see this one on here but if it is sorry for the repost I will delete it or you can Wyvern.

But In Cets Pyrimiad you can kill both Anephas and Cet for the Extra EXP it isn't much but it is twice the amount you would normally get.

What you do is/ When Cet is asking you to join him keep attacking but don't kill him. then say yes and kill him Anephas will appear and fight you still you can still kill him.

You won't look like Cet nor will you lose the mavin or gain Kerah's Sword.
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