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Default Escape From Undermountain Updates [Nov 3 2008]


*** Latest Escape From Undermountain News and Version Info is at the bottom of the page

Latest Version Online: v1.54e 08/6/2003
(See bottom of post for latest updates)

What's New In this Version:

-Added Upstairs Bedrooms to the Yawning Portal Tavern and added NPC's in 3 of the rooms with dialogue. ***There is a secret door located on this level that takes you to an Underground tunnel that connects Mirt and Khelben's Home and Tower.

-You can now open the door and LEAVE the Yawning Portal Tavern and walk around Waterdeep's Dock District! (59% Complete)

-Added entire Mansion of Mirt the Moneylender as well as Mirt himself, and can even loan a player gold.

-Fixed 8 Bugs in the Yawning Portal Tavern
-Changed Armor on 'Kyle'Boris' (He HAD Armor that emitted light and this caused a slowdown for players)

-Removed some effects to try to make the Tavern a bit less jerky for lower end Player's PC's.

-Corrected and added new events on Undermountain level 1 & 2. Added the Kobolds and Rats as an encounter.

-Made the Drow that you encounter on Undermountain Level 1 easier and spawn in a smaller number.

-Undermountain Level 4 has been restocked with many new items (Durnan in the Yawning Portal Tavern has been restocked and MANY new items added--as well as new custom made items).

-Undermountain Level 5 bugs with Door opening ghosts corrected (NWN ver 1.28 screwed them up for some reason).

-Undermountain Level 6 has been scaled DOWN due to people getting lost [img]smile.gif[/img] and I've added helper arrows for areas of the map, and added new stuff to this level as well.

-Undermountain Level 7 is Complete.
-Undermountain Level 8 'The Underground Forest' Complete
-Undermountain Level 9 is Complete.
-Tavern Cook Added
-Tavern Cleric Added
-35 Bug and Correction fixes made
-Added many NEW areas to all levels. New and Smarter Boss NPC's
-Durnan AI upgraded.
-New Cook Quest
-Cleaned up Drow Quest
-Added some secret doors
-2 "Easter Eggs" added
-Second exit to Undermountain Level 2 made. (Now, two ways to enter lvl2)
-Cleaned up scripts and tweaked them for performance issues.
-Tavern scripts cleaned up for speed issues.

Updates Added on Sept. 13th 2003
================================================== ==========================
Undermountain Level 10 is opened
- New Traps added
- 10 new NPC Monster types
- New Drow Archer added
- New level of Khelben's Tower open
- Secret 'cheaters room' added to a few levels (to drop cheaters in)
- Corrected 23 bugs (and tweaks)
-(Fixed Level 7 Boss 'not dying' bug) --I think.

================================================== ==========================
Updates Added on Oct. 2nd 2003
================================================== ==========================
-Undermountain Level 10 tweaked a bit more
- New NPC's added
- 14 new weapons and Armor
- 5 New Monsters
- Undermountain Level 3 'main hall' totally redone. Now has 6 Merchants!!!!
- Corrected 7 bugs
- Added/Changed some doors
- Added some set detail throughout all the levels
- Masterwork Armor and Weapons added (ALL Mainset items)
- Tavern scripts cached (faster load times).

================================================== ==========================
Updates Added between on April 25th 2004 and July 26th 2004
================================================== ==========================

-Nearly all break-away levels of Level 13 Open
-The Void Plane Exit is fixed
-Added new Items - Sets, Uniques, and Rare items!
-Bug Fixes on many levels to improve performance

- Khelben's Tower Level finished
- Khelben's Teleporter Maze and Study are open!
- The Haunted Isle and Small Crypt is open
- A spooky Sea Cave is opened on Haunted Isle

================================================== ==========================
Overview of EfU as of July 26th 2004
================================================== ==========================

- Undermountain has a total of 13 levels so far, and MANY of those large levels have 'break away' levels as well, and many are large too.

- Added MANY secret passages and doors to a lot of levels.
- There are 4 NEW set items added since July 14th 2004, and more are added weekly now.

- There are a bunch of Quests to go on, and I have been working on adding atleast 2-3 per level as well as adding the MAIN plot which will span all 13 levels and will be multi-staged.

- I have tweaked a load of levels, and have converted and added a lot of CEP stuff to each level almost. The levels that will be updated next are levels 6 and 7.

- Level 14 and 15 will are being worked on right now.

- The Gauntlet Levels (There will be a total of three) are nearly complete, and will be released soon! This level will relate to a quest as well.

- Evermeet is a future level that will be added as well. You will be able to enter Evermeent from Khelben Blackstaff's Teleporter Maze level.

- Expected levels for Undermountain? - 30 (not counting breakaway levels or outside of Undermountain levels) So in total, 60 in all.

More to come!

================================================== ==========================
Updates Added Dec 10th 2004 - Mainly a HUGE Bug fix release
================================================== ==========================

Changes made:

* Drow Proving Ground Attackers are not as hard as before--still hard, but tweaked to where you don't have to sit there for hours.

* Added some scripting using that new program in the tavern
* Cleaned up some of the merchants inventory in the lower levels. (Who wants a +4 sword on level 13?)

* Other changes

Bugs Fixed:

* Fixed Durnan Training Loophole
* Fixed Proving Grounds Guard not taking the 12 Gems
* Fixed Drow Ranger in Proving Grounds (I HOPE)
* Corrected the DIVIDE BY ZERO error seen in Muriel's Gauntlet and Voidplane
* Fixed Kraken Society Spy Quest Error
* Corrected the Ogre that was not killable in Skullport Southquarter
* Added the Drow Sword Reward that was missing from Ben's Quest to kill Lester
* Removed Gypsy Encounter -- they could mess your reputation by -1 pt when killing them. (odd)...
* Removed the incorrect "Hellball Scroll" that was actually a timestop scroll
* Level 13's Drow House correction - Drow House guards now attack you!
* Removed the code that would give you XP everytime you entered the game with a plot item for a quest undone.
* Other Placeable bugs fixed
* Some script XP / Item / gold corrections--changes

================================================== ==========================
Updates for May 24, 2006
================================================== ==========================

* Made changes to the Highmoor Mountains - not yet done. needs new hakpak still
* Made changes to the lvl 13 Dwarven Halls area. Bigger.
* Made some changes to the Lvl 13 Pit area. (has bug that will be fixed today)
* Did some bug fixes. Added some new monsters to a few areas.
* Removed some placeables for more speed in the Underground Desert

================================================== ==========================
Updates for Dec 23, 2006
================================================== ==========================

* Added some fixes to many levels
* Fixed many portraits, and other issues--should be finally done.
* Changed the spawning scripts on a few encounters for levels 10 and 12.
* Level 13 fixes and such
* Level 14 Opening soon!
* Changed the preview of monsters buffs and immunities. They can no longer be seen. Gotta figure it out now.

================================================== ==========================
Skipped listing every patch for a while--I added so many things during this time, it would have taken forever.
But I have resumed listing the important fixes and changes.
================================================== ==========================

================================================== ==========================
Updates for May 23, 2008
================================================== ==========================

* Changed Teleporter location on level 1 closer to Exit to the Tavern (See map for location)
* Replaced many older treasures with more balanced items as well as newer models of weapons.
* Added Breakaway to Level 4 of Undermountain (back in 2007)
* Changed Level 5 around a bit
* Opened 4 Stores in Waterdeep--More with the next hakpak patch 1.04.

================================================== ==========================
Latest Version Online: v1.91a 08/6/2008
================================================== ==========================

* Opened Mordok the Insane's Tower in Skullport proper. (2 floors)
* Added a new Quest for the Carpenter in Waterdeep
* Changed the treasures from the Dragons on Undermountain Level 5. (And on the floor)
* Fixed 8 bugs and 2 scripts. (And corrected some floating placeables)
* Kobolds now attempt to come up the Well in the Yawning portal now--This will soon tie in with a major World Event coming!

* All NEW EFU Website has been launched, and has full detailed pages for EACH Level! Along with great pics
of the important areas you should visit!
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Default Re: Escape From Undermountain Updates [Sept 4 2008]

Don't knock the Kobold. They're not all low-level, marauding thugs. Kobold aren't 'attempting' to come up through the well, they are 'peacefully' entering the inn via a non-standard, though oft-used route They are merely in search of a quiet drink and somewhere to rest, in no way different to the other multi-species patrons, whereupon, in every instance, they are being viciously set upon by the guards, with absolutely no provocation from the Kobold party/parties to justify this brutal and thuggish action.

If you keep denigrating their name, or tarring them all with the same brush, you'll be hearing from the International Kobold Rights Watch and the Kobold Brotherhood.

Kobold have rights too; the basic right to a peaceful life; the right to bear arms; the right to unionise; the right to drink in public inns without being harassed or abused; the right to wash their loincloths in the same streams as everyone else.

We demand these things in the name of Kobold everywhere!

Make a decision, even if it's wrong, and remember....'s never too early for a salad.

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Default Re: Escape From Undermountain Updates [Sept 4 2008]

Just promise me you will keep the loin cloth on...
'The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' - Ronald Reagan
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