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Old 10-31-2000, 02:56 PM   #1

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Ok, I know Kerriele's Potion she gave was for use in the Serpent temple. I finished the temple and never used it. What was it supposed to help with? Said something about protection from the serpent.

I also have a funny looking rat skull I got in the very first dungeon, the crypt I think it is called. Is this used for any quests? Guess it could be from one of the rat men assasin guys around the second town.

Any help here would be cool. Thanks.
Old 10-31-2000, 04:25 PM   #2

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yeah i bought the mysterious skull form the rat eater in the crypt idea as to waht its used for..only the thing i was thinking...if the RATS carry the virus of the undead..and that guy eats shoulda been that he was an undead to..ya know? like when you finished the quest he attacks you or something..thats what i was thinking all along..yummmm i LOVVVVVVVE RAts...did you find any rats?!?! what a wierdo...
Old 10-31-2000, 05:40 PM   #3

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that's weird....I didn't get the skull from the stout brother

I found it in a room somewhere or a chest....seems kinda big for just a regular rat though
Old 11-01-2000, 11:05 PM   #4

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I'm still carrying the dang thing around too, haven't got a clue what to do with it but don't want to get rid of it just incase

seemed to have acquired a few other nic nacs too, need a chest to store stuff in town...
Old 11-02-2000, 08:31 AM   #5

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I dropped all of the old quest items I don't need outside of Ishad N'ha. They don't disappear if it is something you need (exception spider's eggs and skulls (human not rat)). That was I know where something is if I need it and I don't have to carry it around all of the time.
Old 11-02-2000, 01:47 PM   #6
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I used the potion on the Naga and it put her to sleep for a short time, giving the party a chance to heal and cure poison. Saved our skins, it did.
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