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Old 06-25-2001, 06:25 PM   #11

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Melusine surveys the group, counting heads again and again. In this chaos, she is afraid to lose anyone. Suddenly she realises she can't find Wah anywhere...she nudges Lord Raptor, and asks him to help looking. Wah is nowhere to be found. Melusine calls out to the group: "People, we've lost the archlich! Let's trace back our steps and try to find him!" The group nods in agreement, but at that moment, Grinch's battlecry resounds through the area! They all look up in dismay, and see a fire glowing in the tunnle ahead... it is a very pissed Nandi bear with his fur aflame, and it is coming for Grinch! Quickly, everybody draws their weapons and hurries into the tunnle to help him fight the gruesome beasts.

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Old 06-25-2001, 06:28 PM   #12
White Dragon

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With an inarticulate scream of bottled-up rage, Tancred charges through the party, sword swinging wildly. The tears keep flowing.
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Old 06-25-2001, 06:55 PM   #13
The Magister

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"For Helm!", bellows the Paladin sinking the holy Avenger into the Nandi bear's skull. It cleaves the brute's head almost to the neck. Another bear lunges for him and he wrenches at the sword which is firmly stuck in the convulsing Nandi bear.
With a supreme effort he dodges the oncoming bear, his hands still gripping the sword hilt, thus managing to twist the dead bear's body entirely around. Charging through the blazing bear carcass the second bear is confused,and attacks the corpse.One dinner-plate sized paw smashing into the unresponsive body. With a yank the sword comes free the Paladin staggers back against the chamber wall with the blade held straight before him. Just in time to receive the second bear which rushes forward with remarkable speed impaling itself on the huge sword. The Paladin is slammed against the wall with stunning force,only the hilt of the great sword is between him and the bear's chest. His brain badly rattled by the assault, he gazes blearily into the bear's dying eyes.
"'Tis a pleasure and an honor to have this dance with you,no madam I will lead..." And with that consciousness fades and he slides slowly to the floor one arm around the dead beast.

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Old 06-25-2001, 07:11 PM   #14
Lord Shield

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Slaughter Margin hefts the bear off the paladin. "HE NOT LOOK GOOD - NOW WE'RE ONE DOWN!"
"Not necessarily" - Lord Raptor may be evil, but he knows where his best chances are. He removes his Ring of Gaxx and places it on the paladin's finger (and yes, he will remember to take it back once the paladin comes to )
The bears are gone - bones show that this is a pit where previous "prisoners" are thrown when no longer useful. /A tunnel from the other side goes on
Wah, the student explains that you need to be over a mile from the tower for the collar to lose effect. He takes you through a passageway, requesting you pretend to be prisoner while he guides you
After a while, he hears noises. It's the rest of the prisoners! Wah gleefully meets his former comrades, barely noting the look on Tancred's face. Melusine brightens up "Hey, didn't Lord Shield say he can retrieve most souls - in fact, he did so in one of the first threads - I'll bet he can do something for Karnas" Tancred looks up, the tears ebbing but not entirely stopped. "Then where is he now?"
The student quickly explains that it won't be long before they discover the dead Netherese and you are hunted. You need to get to the chamber used to transport the Seraphs (adventurer types in employ of Netherese) to other regions
The boy leads you back to the trapped corridor but speaks a word to allow you to pass.
OOC: Ok, folks, feel free to improvise encounters with further traps and Seraphs - they will be seasoned adventurers, but none will be pure mages (multi-class if anything)

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is pimp.
Old 06-25-2001, 07:12 PM   #15
Gwhanos, Lord Of Evil

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Are you sure you want me to guard the bar?
You just dont want me to be in the story!
I came to this board to have fun, not to be "put aside"

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Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

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Rhazor, kneels down, checking the corpse of one of the dead Nandi bears. Under the thick fur coats, he finds a color similar to the ones they are wearing, only a little more complex. Although he is not as good identifying things as most Bards, he can tell that these bears were used against their own free will with these collars. He turns to the group and says, "I don't think these collars are just used to prevent us from using magic.."
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Old 06-25-2001, 09:14 PM   #17
Silver Dragon

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Before I begin this may mess with the storyline you guys have been writing because you seem to have me with the main group and im still by myself, Ill catch up later though. BTW I play an elf.

Jabidas walks through the door dragging the dying man with him and gasps with relief as two shattered golems lie on the ground, some of the others prisoners he guesses, but why didnt they come in something is very odd here. Just as well he mutters to the man who looks quite dead now and drops the corpse on the ground, pulls out his knife and starts looking through his pockets. The sorcerer finds lockpicks, a small portrait of a child and some kind of wand, though it wont do him much good. What have I done he wonders was this man here to rescue me, he has lockpicks or was it some kind of scheme to get me to talk but what about or, or ,or. Whatever its quite irrelevant now, Jabidas collects himself and walks down the corridor and turns the corner with insufficant caution and spots three men they all were lightchain and have double handed swords, the weapons hang on the men with grace that speaks of knowledge of how to put them to use. They sit playing some strange game with a knife, a human man with a scraggy black beard glances up to see jabidas. The sorcerer swears vicously at himself, always relying on his power has made you complacent inwardly shrieking as elvish agility turns him quickly as he sprints in the opposite direction a fireball crashes into the corner he just turned. Fantastic magicusers thats all I need. The sorcerer keeps running while listening to shouted threats of angry men in chase not far behind. Jabidas enters a hall with tattered baners hanging on the wall, broken tables scatered around and half eaten dead bodies, he grabs a corpse and scampers up a banner with it. The light weight of the elf and only half a body arnt enough to finish it and two of the soldier mages rush in, one of them obviously is not very fit. The man with the beard stops and looks around as his friend charges further into the room his red hair swings as he goes into the darker corners with barely any visability swinging his sword to drive out an absent elf. The sorcerers infrvision tells him something is over there though. The older man knows that probably isnt it and looks up to get a dead body in the face, screams of surprise and pain come from the redhead as a huge irritated and bleeding bear rears up and tears his arm off. Dear Gods Im in some kind of kennel jabidas breaths and jumps onto the bearded man stabbing him under the ribs and slashing him across his hamstrings. Bears must like there meat fresh he mutters and stolls out the door again, whistling and listening to the screams of the helpless man. The sorcerer notices some kind of servant coming around a corner ahead of him, one stab under his armpit and into the heart as he passes lets out very litle blood and jabidas thinks time to find the archlich if anyone can get this off while in dungeon he can.

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Old 06-25-2001, 09:45 PM   #18
Gold Dragon

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Ha! i get it, i'm so dense,
(sorry im not in character but i just had to post)
i've never really taken part in the bar (just not really my thing *ducks behind the bar*.
but i just reallized the names of hte threads,
its the star trek movies.
I love it!!!


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Bruce The Aussie
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Artemis, who just got a dagger+3 off Lord Raptor, runs past the student up to the end wall. a small door is set deep into the stone work. he opens the door and looks into a dull lit cavennes room. he crawls through the doorway thinking "this would be easier if i was a halfling." after standing up and looking round abit ,letting his eyes get used to the dark, he see's a creature in the middle of the room. walking a little closer artemis seas its a sleeping...thing. it looks deamonic but like no deamon he'd seen before. walking closer still he spyes a key on a chain round its neck. reaching out to take it the creature wakes and roars at artemis. loosing his usuall carm he runs/crawls out of there as fast as he can. shouting to the other's artemis says "theres something in there with a key"

Death is the way of the ninja, luckely i'm not a ninja
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Old 06-28-2001, 04:55 AM   #20
Bruce The Aussie
Fzoul Chembryl

Join Date: March 2, 2001
Location: Chaotica (london,england)
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