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Ironworks Moderator

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Below is a listing of games that have multiple threads, and are scattered throughout the history pages of this forum.
For convenience, I have created this thread to be a link to all of those game threads that one might want to revisit.

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The History of the Lord of the Forums:
The True Story of the Modding Mage

Book 1
Start date: 27 November, 2001
End date: 20 May, 2002

The first battle
  • The members of the IW Forums have realized that Larry has taken a turn for the worse, and has become an evil Moderator. The forces of Good rally together to try and stop him before he becomes too powerful.
  • Neb joined Larry in an attempt to keep him in power. They were to fight together on the battlefield against the members of Keldorn’s Order, Ranger Protectors, GOTH, and BOTS.
  • As the battle ensues, Larry realizes that these people are no match for him, so he allows Neb to take over and do all the work.
  • In the heat of battle and confusion, Neb accidentally inflicted a mortal wound on Larry that took him by such surprise…that he was unable to defend against it, and lost his mortal avatar. Neb, however continued the battle, as it had become personal to him.
  • Although losing his physical form, it is now learned that a Moderator is a demi-god, and can have up to four physical avatars at once. Larry thus lived on and continued to fight, albeit now he was focusing attention on Neb for revenge as well as the others.
  • Becoming bored with it all, Larry decided to skip stones across a pond.
  • Neb repents of his accidental murder and rejoins Larry.
  • Somehow, most of the players had forgotten who the real target was, and had to reevaluate their stance and rally together to remember that they were there to kill Larry…although at least one Paladin gave up because Larry didn’t seem such a bad guy. In reality, this was all part of the Mad One’s plan.
  • Everyone tries to take a shot at Larry, but are having trouble making a solid hit.
  • Larry finally turned into a stone, and hid himself in the pond.
  • When the tally is in…nobody won or lost. The battle was a stale-mate and no further effort to dethrone Larry was made at that time.
The Fellowship of the Paladins
  • The battle was to be revisited, and fresh employment from more defenders of Good were rallied together. Oddly enough, one of them is from his past.
  • The forces of Good uncovered the plot for Larry to gain the power of the Ring of Power that had belonged to Ziroc, Overlord of the Forums.
  • The battle instantly became fierce, and Larry was unprepared for the Hell-cat’s attack.
  • Larry has fun with his new powers, and shows off frequently. One of these attacks is to bring the forum’s trolls and flamers against the agents of Good.
  • During this battle, Larry uses his reality-altering powers and converts some posts to read as he chooses. He also calls ninja squirrels to attack on his behalf.
  • To his glee, the good guys cannot work together well, and quarrel amongst themselves often. This left plenty of opportunity for the Mod Mage to plan.
  • Neb finally get bored of the game and insists that it end. Larry takes the advice and turns everyone into monkeys. Some people decide it was time to join the winning team, and signed on as Larry’s generals.
  • The monkeys begin watching Planet of the Apes, and Larry rewards those loyal to him.
  • In the finale, two paladins…Sir Byronas and Sir Exxon are the only two left that can stop Larry. Larry summoned the Shadow Riders forth to do his bidding.
  • Larry had the Ring in his possession. He cries aloud,

    One Moderator to rule them all,
    One forum to play in,
    one Forum to bring them all
    and in the RP world bind them.
  • The battle ends, and Larry has become stronger.
The Two Powers
  • Larry’s generals developed strategies for ensuring his ultimate victory. To reward them for their service and to increase the effectiveness of their plans, Larry increased their power.
  • Rhianneth settled into life at the Modding Mage’s tower and seemed to strike up an uneasy friendship with Mage.
  • Using the power of the One Ring, Larry tore the land of the inner forums apart to create a deep monster-filled moat around his tower.
  • Cyril appeared and issued a strange, silent challenge to the Modding Mage. After this initial encounter, Rhainneth left the tower on a mysterious errand. She did not return. Storms arrived in the mountains and Cyril began to plant strange seeds.
  • Morguerat, a disaffected member of Keldorn’s Order arrived and offered his services to the Modding Mage. He was quickly put in charge of preparing Larry’s armies of trolls and flamers.
  • Cyril destroyed one of Larry’s shadow riders and caught the creature’s dying breath in a special flask. This enraged the Modding Mage who gathered his forces and traveled to confront him. Cyril assured Larry that he was not an ally of the paladins and the Modding Mage left without discovering the stranger’s true motives. While they met, three arrows which Cyril had hidden nearby absorbed some of Larry’s power.
  • Morguerat begins to subvert Larry’s plans by infiltrating them with released agents of good. He then asks the Mage’s leave to find a legendary pommel stone that will allow him to join the power of two mighty swords into one. Link
  • The mysterious TAOWolf arrives and is given entry into the Modding Mage’s castle.
  • Cyril descended into the dark ravine in the mountains to hunt a Chaos Hound, a powerful creature that had been drawn to the boards by Larry’s powerful use of shadow magic and the Ring.
  • TAOWolf arranges for Larry’s imp to make a duplicate of her so that she might then move about on her own apart from the Mage’s scrutiny.
  • Cyril summons a storm of killing intensity and within it performs a series of actions that fuse the life and power stealing Hunger of the Chaos Hound into the earth of the inner forums. He then collapses a cliff wall on top of the buried Hunger.
Tempestuousness and Shadowiness

  • Larry is tricked into thinking that the copy of TAO is the real thing, and tries to run from her. The copy keeps up, so Larry unleashes one of his creatures on her. The real TAO escapes the tower and awaits her devious plans to fall into action.
  • Cyril is beginning to understand the Mage’s power…and to understand that is to understand the weaknesses within that power. He continues to prepare and plan.
  • While using the Ring, something horrible goes wrong and all of the creatures in the tower turn on Larry and chase him. Larry barely escapes. Cyril had been able to turn the Hunger into a weapon against the Mage. The Hunger drew power from the Ring when used, and Larry finally realized this. He could not use the Ring anymore.
  • Strange seeds that were planted by Cyril began to grow into unusual grasses.
  • Larry sat afraid and isolated in his tower. He contemplated his situation.
  • Some try to slay the Hunger, but fail, because they do not understand it.
  • The two paladins are on their own quest to find ancient artifacts that would be used against Larry in a battle and could win them the victory. They take longer on this quest than either of them expected, and are not around for most of the showdown.
  • Larry began to fight back against the creatures that he had created, but now held him prisoner in his own home. All that day, he fought to regain his tower.
  • Neb returned from vacation, and was put back in his place as a general.
  • Larry perceives the oncoming army.
  • More people rally against the Mage, as they all feel the hint of victory. Larry sees that his army has been trained well by the Betrayer to Keldorn’s Order.
  • The army of Good have made it to the tower. Larry has created some special monsters just for this occasion. He and his generals make preparations for war.
  • The army begins fighting their way into the tower from the first floor. However, a certain trio have discovered an alternate…less protected route.
  • Morgeraut betrays Larry. The two girls, TAO and Chani are working together to get inside at the Mage from the top floor, and down. They get to him at the end of the thread.
As the Storm Passes...
  • On this last limb of the life of the Mad Modding mage, we find Tao and Chani in the Mage’s throne room, while Cyril is outside awaiting the right time to make his move. Morgie is on the fourth floor of the tower. Neb has arrived to help Larry in whatever he can. Azrael, Madman, and Lennon are fighting their own battles, trying to conquer whatever evil has come before them.
  • Cyril realizes that this battle could mean his own death, especially if it meant sacrificing himself for either of his companions.
  • Chani tries to slay Larry with an arrow that was prepared by Cyril. Larry cast a time-stop spell, but that did not stop the arrow from reaching him. Larry removes the foul arrow from his body and curses Cyril, the maker of the arrow. He still brags of the upper-hand however, and reveals to Chani that her long-lost love Deiter was in his dungeon, and was to be turned into a terrible monster. Many traps lay between he and them. When the time-stop spell wears off, Tao learns that a wolf is part of the sacrifice that is the doom of Deiter, so she also has an urgency in the rescue attempt.
  • Larry continues to try to find a cure for his wound, as it has been tainted with his very own evil darkness, and thought he was dying from it. However, what was happening was that the surge of evil was too much for Larry’s system at first, but now was beginning to diminish and Larry could feel himself getting better.
  • He then turns his attention to Morgeraut who betrayed his trust, and locks him up in a magically enhanced cage. He then gives the poisoned arrow that he removed from his wound to Neb and told him to poke Morgie with it until he died. (He does not die here, however)
  • Morgeraut could feel not only his life slipping away, but also his attachment to his God fading. He was no longer accepted by his deity. Tao and Chani are still trying to get through the maze and other traps to find the dungeon where Deiter is. Also, Cyril’s plan is falling into place exactly as he anticipated it would.
  • Tao and Chani reach the dungeon in time to save everyone. At this time…Cyril has decided to make his grand appearance in front of the Mage. They begin to battle. Yet Larry cannot understand the attacks that are thrown at him, and becomes enraged.
  • Larry is wounded and realizes that he is no match for Cyril if he does not outthink him. He causes a shadow to fall upon the room and began to sneak around and get a backstab on his opponent.
  • At the last possible second, just as Larry was to kill Cyril, The Windwalker actually had one final hidden attack available to him, and used it. (Read the story to find out). As Larry lay dying, he recalled that the entire tower was held together by his very will. When he died, the tower began to fall. Cyril ran towards the dungeons as fast as possible to save his comrades. He saves them from the crumbling rubble of the dungeons. As they get out of the tower, the all of it comes down into a pile of broken rubble. At the end, check out the rolling credits!
************************************************** *****************************

Book 2
Start date: 09 October, 2002
End date: 21 March, 2004

A Restless Hunger
  • With the war against the Mage over, everyone had parted and went their separate ways. However, the Hunger in the land that was made desolate became a problem, as it continued to flourish and grow stronger. Nobody had even considered this a threat until reports of murders abounded. From another forum came a man called Brendon Grey. He rallied a group of adventurers together, yet not to lead them, to go to the land of desolation and combat this Hunger. Among his comrades that joined were Dantes, Ar-Cunin, and Morgeraut…two men that had fought in the previous war. Joining them was Ruby, Zachary, and Syrathic, the latter joining after a brief conversation that Brendon had with a strange old man in a tree-house named Myron. Myron happens to be an undead sage of great power and understanding…except for one thing…he does not think of himself as “undead” or even “not alive”!
  • Somewhere in the world, TAO has also been involved in her own journeys, yet her adventures will inevitably lead her to the same end of the road as the others.
  • Through the journey, Morgeraut has been showing signs of depression or some other sort of shadow that has set across his face. Zachary, the most attuned to the spiritual matters of the party, easily picks up on this and talks to him about it. Brendon has also been bothered lately with strange dreams.
  • In another part of the world, a giant by the name of Terrakis has begun to set plans in action. He and his tribe have absorbed the dark magic into their beings when the Mage’s evil power suffocated the land. The giants’ nature has been changed into a new sub-division of giant-kin. They do a lot of bad stuff.
  • Eventually, the party runs into Rhianneth, who joins the party, but is looked at in fear and mistrust, for she had ties in with the Modding Mage.
  • The party reaches a point to where they have to decide how to best travel. It is decided to enter the caverns and go under the mountains instead of crossing them. For what seems like an eternity, they are there, battling their way through evil creatures that live there. At some point, the Cleric Zachary has vanished and nobody can find him with all their efforts. The darkness is beginning to slow the party down, considerably.

Hidden Hungers
  • Basically, the party continues to be assaulted by wild creatures as they roam the Underdark. Rhianneth mysteriously disappears just like Zachary did. The party cannot figure out what has happened.
  • The party comes to an area where a large battle ensues near the carcass of a large silver dragon. The party wins, but obtains several wounds. They free some gnome slaves, whom in turn lead the party to their home, which is like a large gnomish settlement.
  • The party meets Anarrima Culurien, an elf-lady who is a healer. She joins the party.
  • The party plans their next move. All the while, evil abounds all around them…plotting and conniving.
  • Finally, after much talk and planning...the party was ready to leave the confines of the tavern in search of whatever they had decided on, but no sooner had they begun to pack up...that a war was on the brink and they would soon be involved in one of the bloodiest battles that this forum has seen!
Death in the Shadows
  • The battle has begun. The gnomes that were harboring the humans and elves were under attack, and the force behind that attack wanted the outsiders killed first, if possible. Obviously, something wanted control of the Underdark of the forums, and saw our adventurers as threats to this plan.
  • Besides the party of Dantes, Dankarona, Brendon, Syrathic, Anarrima, and Mogeraut...we have added the Gladiator, the Bladesinger, and Kethotar. They were in the wrong place at the right time for our gnomish friends...because the battle was being lost. Could they lend us the strength we needed?
Excerpt from Larry...Unfinished Tales
Scroll down to the 16th post, and find it labelled "Know Thy Enemy".

Return of the Nightmare

************************************************** *****************************

Book 3
Start date: 23 March, 2004
End date: pending

Shadow of Love I
Shadow of Love II
Shadow of Love III
Shadow of Love IV
Shadow of Love V
Shadow of Love VI
Shadow of Love VII

************************************************** *****************************

Book 4

Awakenings (Now Playing)

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Jack Burton

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I'll give the Hazardous Times series a shot [img]smile.gif[/img]

Hazardous Times
Hazardous Times -->Part II
Hazardous Times - Part III
Hazardous Times (all welcome) - Part IV
Hazardous Times - (all welcome) Part V
Hazardous Times (all welcome) Part VI
Hazardous Times, Part VII (all welcome)
Hazardous Times, Part VIII (All welcome)
Hazardous Times Part IX (fresh blood - not literally, please! - welcome)
Hazardous Times: Chapter X "Where Hidden Dangers Lurk"
Hazardous Times: Chapter XI "Fit For A Queen"

Part of the story branches off in a different thread:
Dark Clouds and Darker Plots

Hazardous Times: Chapter XII - Yet More Intrigues
Hazardous Times, Chapter XIII- Dangers Abound

The Hazardous Times storyline is meant to remerge with Dark Clouds, where the tale will reach a conclusion. RL issues have prevented this taking place so far, and the Dark Clouds post has instead been adopted into the fifth installment of the Tavern by the Creek series.
Also, with the current state of the RP forum, we have a lot of reviving to do.

Ehr... producing a brief yet understandable summary is proving to be increasingly impossible. I'm sure that with the above links, people can easily read the threads if they're interested. I can, however, give away the main plotlines which'll spoil bits for those who still have to read the story and be pointless for those who have already done so in the past.
Work is still in progress on my NWN conversion, so far I managed without the use of hakpacks or SoU content.
Anyway, the plot...

I'll get to that shortly [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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The Order of Royal Toads

ORT 10
ORT 11
ORT 12
ORT 13
ORT 14
ORT 15
ORT 16
ORT 17
ORT 18
ORT 19
ORT 20
ORT 21

It would seem that the first five are lost somewhere.

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The Epic Drama of the One-Eyed Wolf

Start date: 18 September, 2001
End date: 05 September, 2002

Although the game of OEW officially ended 18 Sept. 2001, it never concluded. The Lord of the Forums game has adopted the OEW into its plot and storyline and so the conclusion of the OEW is tied into the conclusion of the Shadow of Love.

The Pertinent ALSB Links (Where Kaz and Larry started from)

ALSB Temple 1
ALSB Temple 2 (lost?)
ALSB Temple 3
ALSB Temple 4
ALSB Temple 5

================================================== =============================

The KFA Links (Where Deiter and Spree started from)

KFA Recruitment
KFA 2.1
KFA Rebuilding 2.1
KFA Epilogue

================================================== =============================

The OEW Links

The One-Eyed Wolf
The One-Eyed Wolf, (part 2)
The Swords of Time
The Swords of Time, #2
The One-Eyed Wolf (part 3)
The Conclusion to the Swords of Time
Sphere of Chaos
Lost Rogue Part 3
Flood of the Subplots
The One-Eyed Wolf - Utter Chaos
The One-Eyed Wolf - Tavern And Turmoil
Of Taverns and Non-Soap Operas
The One-Eyed Wolf - Unions and Unwelcome Guests
United at Last
Links to Ravenwood
Return to Ravenwood
The Wide-Eyed Wolf
Return of the Ranger

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Jack Burton

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The werewolf game, hasn't taken off as well as some had hoped, but it's a multithread game, first thread (and basic rules) are here:;f=18;t=000566;f=18;t=000567

Second game (Spanish Inquisition);f=18;t=000570;f=18;t=000569

3rd game: Reservoir Dogs Werewolf;f=18;t=000576
"Any attempt to cheat, especially with my wife, who is a dirty, dirty, tramp, and I am just gonna snap." Knibb High Principal - Billy Madison
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White Dragon

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The Tavern by the Creek

Tavern by the Creek - I
Tavern I
A group of goblins lead by an iron golem attacked the tavern and was destroyed by a small group of adventurers. After healing KayLisa, Neb contracted some form of mind sickness and disappeared into the forest, afraid he was losing his sanity. A huge storm had blown into the canyon and KayLisa and Cyril disappeared, riding the winds of the storm.

Tavern by the Creek - II - The Storms
Tavern II
Cyril and KayLisa discovered that not only are they both cursed but that somehow their curses are intertwined with one another. A terrible evil from Cyril's home land known as the Devouring Wind attacked those at the tavern. Neb returned to the tavern quite mad and intent upon killing KayLisa. His mental powers drew the attention of the Devouring Wind who has invaded his mind and is using him as a host for its power. During the storm a powerful being known as the Fay're was released from its ancient imprisonment and traveled the seeking the release of three other powerful beings. Those left behind in the tavern struggled to rebuild and put their lives back in order.

Tavern by the Creek - III - The Curses
Tavern III
At the waterfall, KayLisa purified the place of the Fay’re’s former imprisonment and warded it against her return. The Devouring Wind sent the still deranged Neb on a quest to a tomb in the distant hills. The Devouring Wind then attacked KayLisa while she sat in the clearing. Cyril disclosed his background more fully. The Fay're released the other three Forsaken. KayLisa told Cyril that she is pregnant. Those in the tavern have continued with the rebuilding.

Tavern by the Creek - IV - Terror Roams the Land
Tavern IV
At the tomb, Neb broke free of the Devouring Wind’s influence. The Devouring Wind the possessed a night hag as its new herald. A few travelers passed through the tavern before moving on to other locations. Among them was Morguerat, a strangely sad knight who, feeling called to the area, took up temporary residence in the tavern. Cyril has become aware of gaps in KayLisa’s memory of recent events and has come to believe that his return home will happen after KayLisa is freed from her curse. Cyril’s daughter realized that his Exiling seems to be approaching its end. KayLisa and Cyril have begun to plan how to defeat the Forsaken. The rebuilding of the tavern is nearly complete.

Tavern by the Creek - V - New Directions
Tavern V
You'll have to read the thread

Narrative taken from thread V that Cyril compiled..

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Jack Burton

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Age: 39
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Discussion threads:


Game threads:


Resumes to follow.

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