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Old 11-28-2000, 01:34 PM   #1

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This is the most bug free game I have ever played. At times the hint book is a frustrating mess, but by following its sequence, where the sequence is in sequence which is not always so, I have reached the Shrine of Anephas with only one bug. The Spinx would not ask me any questions, so I killed him by swimming out a bit in the lake out of his range but in my magic range. Granted I have not completed every quest along the way, but who has? And even this may not be a bug, as I went ahead of the game sequence to talk to him. I have not encountered any game stoppers, but then I almost always save and keep a running close history to go back to, which has got me out of a few fine messes. And of course these many posts have bailed me out a number of times.
But the bugs for me are just not there....remember Altima 9? The bug city from hell. So I really do know what bugs are.
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Congrats, Winner!!

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Dear Winner,

I, too, completed the game without any bugs (unless you call the falling down ladders a bug and I finally figured that out about 3/4 of the way through how to do it...takes some finagling, though. I don't see what the fuss over bugs is about, unless people are trying to run it on W2K (which isn't a supported platform). I never played Ultima 9, but I heard it was a nightmare as far as bugs went. There were some inconsistencies in the game (I mean, really! Having to deliver x number of samurai arrows or toad potions as if it were the first time it was done), but most bugs in the game are in FAVOR of the player, not against.

Well, I'm going to try for a Valkyrie and ZenMaster again this time. You do get both quests soon enough in the Pyramid that you can get them up to fairly high levels before completing the game, and I play with respawn set to high normally.

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