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Old 08-28-2001, 12:38 AM   #1
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: August 21, 2001
Posts: 9
Ok, as I said earlier I started another BG2 game and I'm far ahead in the game. I don't have time to restart the game again and I was wondering if it would be wise to dual class my primary Character.

The only problem is that I'm half-elf, which means that I can't dual but I heard that we can do it with the Shadow keeper (Thanks Zoltan ! ) cheat. I NEVER cheated in ANY game and I sure won't start with BG2, but I would just like to change my race so I can dual and continue my current game.

If I can do this I was wondering what would be the best way to dual my mage ( conjurer, same as Edwin: that's why I want to dual because In my first game of BG2 I never took Edwin in my group and didn't know that he was the same mage class as me.( And he's much more powerful! +2 to spell/level ) So any of you BG2 nuts out there who feels the need to give me your infinite wisdom, feel free to drop by !

-Oh, I installed TOB with BG2 so I don't know if a class is better with the add-on. Just to let you know
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Old 08-28-2001, 05:47 AM   #2
Sorcerer Alex

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Play a thief up until level 10 then dual to a mage. That creates a very good character.
Old 08-28-2001, 04:36 PM   #3
JR Jansen
Drizzt Do'Urden

Join Date: May 31, 2001
Location: Mol (Belgium)
Posts: 658
I would dual from something else to a mage not the other way around like you. I've seen people say that the kensai/mage and thief/mage are two good choices.


Damned i lost cousin Jan's techno gloves
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Old 08-28-2001, 08:06 PM   #4

Join Date: July 12, 2001
Location: Tucson, AZ, us
Posts: 435
what he said- I'd never dual OUT of mage, considering that a mage gains his most powerful abilities really, REALLY late in the game...
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Old 08-28-2001, 09:58 PM   #5
Drow Warrior

Join Date: July 13, 2001
Location: Niles,Il USA
Posts: 298
Yeah it wouldn't be wise to dual out from a mage. you get all of the limitations of the mage but you hardly gain any of the benefits that way. If you want a different character so badly and are willing to resort to shadowkeeper roll yourself a new char and beef him up in shadowkeeper(for someone that has never used a cheat like that before though i would recommend against it. it certainly is more fun doing it the old fashioned way)
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