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Old 11-22-2000, 06:49 AM   #1

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Im having a few very frustrating problems, I have tried and tried to make sense of them but cannot seem too.
Problem 1- I can't get my ratling rogue into any guilds to turn him into a ninja. I am in the second town and everything. What do I need to do?
Problem 2- My Warlock can't identify anything, I have her at guild level 2, but still can't find the option that lets you train to identify stuff.
Problem 3- I can't seem to join the Dojo with anyone, does anyone know why this is?

Old 11-22-2000, 08:05 AM   #2

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1 - The rogue can join the thieves guild. It an obscure little building in Ishad N'ha you may have missed, it looks like a windmill I think.
2 - You may not have advanced enough in the guilds to get the artifacts skill yet.
3 - You need to become a ninja or samurai to get into the dojo. I think monks can get in too.
Old 11-22-2000, 08:15 AM   #3
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OK me old Ghoul friend, time to go to school. Answers you seek, give them to you I can.

Your Ratling rogue must join the thieves guild at the pawn shop in Ishad N'ha. From their he can take on ascension roles like Bard, Barbarian, and Ninja.

Your warlock can't identify any rusty swords because he doesn't have the Ancient Lore trait and the identify skill. These are taught at the temple when you get to level 3 from memory. It is very advantageous to have your party join as many guilds as they can, and do as many guild quests as they can.

How do you join the Dojo. It is possible for every party member to join every guild. Take for example your ratling rogue. Join the thieves guild and pay for the role ascension to bard. You are now entitled to join the wizards guild at the magic shop. After you do that, cancel your bard quest (ie select it again and it gives you the option to quit). Now go the the shop, enter your guild, and take the warlock quest - now can join temple. There are many dual roles - select samuraii or ninja at warrior guild to join Dojo, select paladin at temple to join warrior guild etc, etc.

All is possible if you have the gold. Your party, if leave you now, help them you can.
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