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Old 09-18-2003, 06:10 AM   #1
moiraine sedai
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Light Bulb

"Are you sure this is his home, Varnick?" Shalana asked, looking at the small abode built out of site behind the inn.
"Of course I'm sure. Now hurry up! Let's get inside!" Varnick said, opening the door and then motioning everyone inside.
"Pwaw! This place reeks!" exclaimed Yieran, covering his nose with a handkerchief.
"Even I have to admit, it does smell a bit...strange in here" Samudra said, her eyes narrowing.
"Hey look! It's Gareth! He's coming over here!" Shalana said excitedly.
A shadowy figure walked over to the group.
"Something has happened. Something... Evil..." Gareth said, stepping forward.
"Uhh... Yes... We assumed that. What exa-" Varnick said before being interupted.
"The shadows speak to me. They cry out in my dreams! 'Gareth! Gareth' they cri-" the elder said, motioning madly with his arms.
"Ooo-Kaaaay then. I think he’s crazy!" Yieran whispered to Samudra. Slowly she began to nod.
“- a black crow sat perched atop a tombston-” Gareth continued.
“You’ve sure as hell got that straight!” Shalana said to Yieran, warily eyeing Gareth as he became increasingly excited, waving his arms about in a repeatable pattern.
“NIVIUS!” the old man exclaimed.
“Umm. Sorry... I missed that last part... Could you go bac-” Varnick said, trying to make sense of Gareth’s dream.
“-great taloned fist, of an ANCIENT DRAGON!” Gareth cried out, his voice reaching a crescendo.
“What the hell? Come again?” Varnick tried to keep up.
“- clutched within it’s grasp was -”
“It’s okay Varnick. He must have just had too much Black Lotus last night. He’s probably still trippin’ from the stuff!” Yieran said, patting his friend’s shoulder.
“- THE MAVIN SWORD!-” Gareth screamed out.
“Uh... You’d better calm down, Gareth. Do you have high blood pressu-” Shalana said, becoming increasingly worried.
“-must journey to the crypt-” Gareth said, his eyes bulging.
“Can we leave now? He’s freaking me out!” Samudra said, sharing Shalana’s fear.
“-there you will find the blade-”
“What blade! Sword? Dragon? SLOW DOWN YOU OLD HERMIT!” Varnick yelled out loudly, losing his patience.
“- go now, and return to me when -”
“Go where? ARGH!” Varnick clenched his fists.
“- fabled bla- ”
“Yieran! What did you do?!” Varnick exclaimed as Gareth crumpled to the floor.
“I hit him with this...” Yieran said, brandishing a metal pan.
“What on the Gael Serran convinced you to do that?” Varnick said, becoming angry again.
“I was concerned for his health...” Yieran said, watching as Samudra lent over Gareth’s motionless body.
“Oh, so you go and whack him with a kitchen utensil. Brilliant, Yieran. Brilliant” Varnick sighed.
“Thanks!” Yieran said, grinning.
“He was being sarcastic...” Shalana said in an exasperated tone.
“Oh...” Yieran looked down and began shuffling his feet.
“Uh... Guys?” Samudra said, sounding concerned.
“What?” Varnick asked.
“He’s dead... ”
“Brilliant, Yieran. Brilliant” Shalana groaned.
“Tha- Oh. Wait. Sarcasm. Gotcha” Yieran said, becoming slightly embarassed.
“Well what do we do now?” Samudra asked, chewing her lower lip.
“We try and make sense of what he said BEFORE HE DIED!” Varnick said, shooting a glare at Yieran.
“Well, he said something about a dragon. Then something else about a crypt, a tomb and a sword. He mentioned the words ‘Nivius’ and ‘Mavin’... ” Shalana said, pondering over Gareth’s speech.
“Aha! I’ve got it!” Yieran cried out.
“What?” Varnick asked, his patience with his comrade wearing thin.
“We have to go the crypt, find the Tomb of Mavin, grab the Dragon Sword and the blade of Nivius. What do you think? ” Yieran said proudly.
“Sounds like a plan, folks” Samudra said, rising to her feet.
“I suppose it’s all we’ve got” Varnick said, sighing reluctantly as he looked at Gareth’s corpse.
“Well. We better get going...” Shalana said.
“Err. Right you are! Lets go! To the crypt of Nivius!” Yieran said, walking out the door.
“Why don’t I trust him to remember the details?” Samudra asked herself as the group left the elder’s home.

Tell me what you think! I hope it was funny! Better or worse than the last one?

Thanks in advance,

Moiraine Sedai

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~The wheel weaves as the wheel wills~
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Old 09-18-2003, 07:32 AM   #2
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Now I'm convinced that Gareth and Sebastio are related! And what IS up with all the NPCs doing those same hand/arm movements - is that some sort of dance craze?

I guess I'm with Yieran on this one!

Looking forward to the next chapter!!! This was an excellent chuckle to start the day!!!

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Old 09-18-2003, 09:07 AM   #3
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Yieran has just become my favorite buddy [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

I like it, and especially the play between the characters. Dialogue adds a lot to everything.

Chapter 3?
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Old 09-18-2003, 01:33 PM   #4
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Looking forward to the next chapter. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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