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Old 04-24-2002, 05:17 AM   #1
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It is a usual day on the US Dep server. The busy street of the northern city, Giran, is occupied by the Lineage players, the bored, the thrill-seeker, the fun-lover and the serious players all together created a wonderous cyber-world.

Olive St.
Crimson Death's Private Manshion

There were a dozen people in the Crimson Death's private manshion, mostly knights and elves, with a few wizards quietly stood around their leader prince, Lodos.

"XRodrexX and SharpHands are taking PK (player killing) counts," shouted an angry NodDang "they claimed that they are going after the entire CD (Crimson Death) pledge! Are we gonna do anything about it?!"

"XRod and Sharp are two cheap @$$holes! They always hunt in pair, and go after the weak when they are swarmed by monsters." proclaimed another player, Tos, who has the fame of a fierce temper. "Two little f^&ks tried to kill me in South Kent Cave, I am not gonna take that shit!"

The world of Aden is a place of sword and magic, pledges and clans, sworn oath and backstab, princes and their castles. As a new upstart pledge, Crimson Death's power is extremely disturbing to the eyes of the jealous. It came as no surprise that Crimson Death was torn between the struggles of pledges, high level Asian players, and most worst of all sorts: the renegade Player Killers.

Lodos intended to stay out of this all, possibly at all cost. "No, like I said before, ignore them."

The pledge is silent for a moment, the thick bricks of the manshion blocked all noises outside on the Giran streets.

"The little f^&ks!" Tos cursed again, almost groaning, with the symbols to replace the cussing word, "■■■■", for Lineage censors out the offensive language, "they are lucky that my prince said no."

Not wanting to give up so quickly, NodDang argued, "but the honor of the pledge..."

"... is unharmed." assured Lodos "watch your ego, thats where the trouble begins."

There was a silence again, everyone was chewing the prince's words. Crimson Death is unique from all the pledges out there. All members that joint took an oath, or a verbal agreement, that he will obey and respect the pledge leader's words, or be terminated of pledgeship. So far, Lodos has been nothing but superhumanly serious and charismatic. Great leader, as everyone put.

"Again, the pledge has nothing to do with XRodrexX and SharpHands. Go after them at your own risk. I repeat, DO NOT have Crimson Death involed in this. Settle your scores if you want, but if you lose, the penalty is a three month suspension of your pledgeship. Fair enough?"



"good enough..."

As the monthly meeting ended, and everyone of the Crimson Death left the manshion shortly after, only the prince lord stayed in the house. Just when the place seemed to be empy, a voice spoke beside Lodos "We are not going after them?"

" [img]smile.gif[/img] " a rare smile showed from Lodos "whats the point? The pledge has nothing to prove for killing the PKs."

"The pledge members may be disappointed by the act" the voice said properly

"The pledge members may respect the decisions of their prince"

"True enough, my prince" the voice replied, almost humbly "and the items are ready, by the new recruits. They did a fine job."

"Good, put them in the pledge's stash. I will take a look later."

"As you wish."


Boston University, Rutledge Hall

"Charlie, I tried to kill an elder yesterday." I told him excitedly "It took me 300 pots (red healing potions)!"

"What?" Charlie lifted his eyebrows with an exaggerated look, it seemed so fake that it must be fake "You took, what? THREE HUNDRED pots to kill an elder? How many trips did you take?"

"I took 4 trips because I couldn't kill him once before I run out pots. So I had to teleport back to Kent and resupply my potions."

"Oh my god, you are crazy, (and stupid) that is like 10K adena for one freaking kill. What did the elder drop?"

I made an embarrased laugh "well, I didn't kill him."

"HUH? you are telling you DID NOT kill him after you wasted all that money on the pots?"

"Yeah, I couldn't finish him before he killed me."

"You died! Oh my god, you suck at this game!"

"Shut up, I am only level 17." I frowned

"So? I killed elder when I was level 14." Charlie snarled back

"You are knight" I argued back veinly

"yeah, you are wizard. and wizard sucks."

"No, knight sucks"

"Wizard sucks"



"You suck!"

"... ok" Charlie said "Anyways, we can go on like this forever, wanna play tonight?"

"No, I need to talk to Angela, she is mad at me, again."


Chapter 1 ends
To be continued...
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Old 04-24-2002, 05:58 AM   #2
Banned User

Join Date: March 17, 2002
Location: shadow
Posts: 246
Talking Island

DarkRachel entered the Talking Island cave. The dark and moistured dungeon floor smelled of decay. Unknown things lurked just beyond the edge of DarkRachel's Light spell. Not many adventurers hunt at such foul place, for one thing, the evil that roamed here are powerful beyond the residents of Talking Island, yet they are not attractive enough of a loot for the powerful and almight warriors.

DarkRachel wouldn't want to be here any more than everyone else. Yet a quest was directed to her to hunt down an evil undead Spartoi, which can only be found at the second floor of the wretched dungeon.

Foreign shapes withered in the lightless corridle. With all the enchantment that is avaible to her on, and a long deep breath, DarkRachel emerged into the under world.


North Giran

The pair of knights found a quiet place

"So, did you hear what Lodos said?" Tos asked


Tos shouted almost impatiently "We can go kill the f^&ks, just that we have to kick their @$$! thats all."

"Hmm, so you are saying we go hunt them down just by ourselves?" NodDang said thoughtfully "It'd be hard, do you have a plan?"

"Yes, I will go find them and kick their @$$ with my +8 rapier."

"dude, if you want to kill PKs, you need a better plan. Otherwise, just go hunt in Dragon Valley until you can morph into Death Knights, then we will talk about hunting." NodDang stated matter of factly, one could almost see his steel expression behind the monitor.

"ok, so what do you say you and me go?" Tos asked "I know where they usually hunt, around South Kent Cave, or Mainland Cave"

"Look, before we do anything, we need to learn as much about them as we can." NodDang said "didn't you hear what the prince said? the penalty for losing is a three month suspension, you don't want that, do you? neither do I. Here is what we will do..."
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