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Old 10-30-2004, 06:50 AM   #41

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Originally posted by Animal:
Originally posted by Lord of Alcohol:
Originally posted by Arledrian:

[img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evillaughter2.gif[/img]
Thats Jehovahs Witness all the way. My buddy is a disfellowshipped JW, he knows the literature lol. The stories he tells me are ludicrous about them. [/QUOTE]I have some reading material that I'd like you to have. Perhaps I could mail it to you? [/QUOTE]I thought that this link was so funny ... then I realised that they are serious Scary really. Thankfully the many Christians on this board that I have talked too have shown me that this type of 'Christian' thinking is just very obscure and not reflective of the mainstream.

fossils - natures way of laughing at creationists for over 3 billion years
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Well dip me in gasoline and and start the roasting; I am not Christian, so much of the debacle passes me sort of by. The one thing that didn't however is what Cerek wrote about people casting accusations around them without having facts.

I thought that was a sin as well right?

With everything people do, there has to be some moderation to it. Too much DnD isn't good to you if you lose aspect of real life around you. Too much birdwatching can be seen as something really weird as well, so basicly use your common sense. People who hasn'g a common sense usually are the ones that make the stupid things the rest of us read about in the news and go "oh" and "Ah" over.

And when you mention occultism, remember that it isn't something vile and evil comming to bite your behinds. Being one that have studied occultism at a amateur level for several years, I have found that what people think occultism is and what it really is very different. In many ways it isn't much different then reading history or theology.

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