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Quoted From Ziroc:

Latest Escape From Undermountain News and Version Info

Latest Version Online: SOU_version.4.5C 09/19/2003
What's New In this Version:

-Added Upstairs Bedrooms to the Yawning Portal Tavern and added NPC's in 3 of the rooms with dialogue. ***There is a secret door located on this level that takes you to an Underground tunnel that connects Mirt and Khelben's Home and Tower.

-You can now open the door and LEAVE the Yawning Portal Tavern and walk around Waterdeep's Dock District! (59% Complete)

-Added entire Mansion of Mirt the Moneylender as well as Mirt himself, and can even loan a player gold.

-Fixed 8 Bugs in the Yawning Portal Tavern
-Changed Armor on 'Kyle'Boris' (He HAD Armor that emitted light and this caused a slowdown for players)

-Removed some effects to try to make the Tavern a bit less jerky for lower end Player's PC's.

-Corrected and added new events on Undermountain level 1 & 2. Added the Kobolds and Rats as an encounter.

-Made the Drow that you encounter on Undermountain Level 1 easier and spawn in a smaller number.

-Undermountain Level 4 has been restocked with many new items (Durnan in the Yawning Portal Tavern has been restocked and MANY new items added--as well as new custom made items).

-Undermountain Level 5 bugs with Door opening ghosts corrected (NWN ver 1.28 screwed them up for some reason).

-Undermountain Level 6 has been scaled DOWN due to people getting lost and I've added helper arrows for areas of the map, and added new stuff to this level as well.

-Undermountain Level 7 is Complete.
-Undermountain Level 8 'The Underground Forest' Complete
-Undermountain Level 9 is Complete.
-Tavern Cook Added
-Tavern Cleric Added
-35 Bug and Correction fixes made
-Added many NEW areas to all levels. New and Smarter Boss NPC's
-Durnan AI upgraded.
-New Cook Quest
-Cleaned up Drow Quest
-Added some secret doors
-2 "Easter Eggs" added
-Second exit to Undermountain Level 2 made. (Now, two ways to enter lvl2)
-Cleaned up scripts and tweaked them for performance issues.
-Tavern scripts cleaned up for speed issues.

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The Link to the Escape from Undermountain thread where this can be discussed is here.

[ 08-23-2003, 11:28 AM: Message edited by: Larry_OHF ]
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