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Old 09-23-2001, 11:32 PM   #1

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Here's what I'm trying to figure out...What exactly are the recommended stats for a sorceror? I mean, you don't need high INT like with a regular wiz, and BG doesn't use the CHA stat on the sorceror like it should be, so what's important? I'm going to start a sorc character with a decent int and wis, but only for the wish spells. Otherwise, it's all going into dex, and possibly cha. Also, does anyone have any decent non-spoiler tips for a newbie sorc. I got a decent guide on spell selection from gamefaqs, but I was wondering if there was anything else I should know. Thanks.
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Old 09-24-2001, 12:28 AM   #2
Lord Ao

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Welcome to The IronWorks Forum
Your max level is 17,you end up with very low hit points
everytime you cast a spell in a level the rest of the spells
in that level are reduced.your better off with a regular mage
at least when you learn a new spell you gain experance points
and the Sorcerer is to easy to kill so you find yourself reloading
all the time. If you really want to have a Sorcerer in your
group start a multi-player game and make him or her a second or third player
but not the lead. this is my recommendation you will get more pros & cons
anyway welcome again

P.S. to play MULTI-PLAYER on your own read pages 40-46 in Shadows of Amn
game manual

The Blade Makes The Man
The Man Made The Blade
Death To All That Stand
In Their Way! BEWARE ALL!
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Old 09-24-2001, 04:06 AM   #3
Banned User

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Don't WASTE points on Charisma - keep it as low as possible. When you need higher Charisma for charactor interactions, just use another party member to do the talking...
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Old 09-24-2001, 05:44 AM   #4

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One of my parties consists of a sorcerer, Jaheira, Minsc, Yoshimo (Imoen), Aerie and Nalia. I went through SoA without problems. It was pure fun to play that magic-loaded party.
The stats of my elven sorcerer were:
STR=11, CON=17, DEX=15, INT=18, WIS=11, CHA=11.

Intelligence isnít necessary at all but I like a sorcerer much better who is capable spelling his name without help. The low wisdom with its restrictions to the Limited Wish spell is "fixed" easily by a potion of insight. BTW I used the Limited Wish spell only once (for the connected quest), I never needed and tried the other goodies of that spell.
IMHO the only important stat is CON. If you need STR and DEX there are lots of spells. CHA is everything but not essential.
I now played 5 PCís with different parties through SoA and I think a sorcerer has the far lowest requirements for stats.

Some general hints: (hopefully spoiler-free)
There are a few items (I donít mean scrolls or wands) which are perfect replacements for certain - very important - spells. Sometimes I obtained them just after having my sorcerer chosen that spell. Well, that was a very interesting experience, wasting one of those precious spell slots for absolutely nothing....
SoA comes with a sophisticated system of "Protection from Magic" ((Minor) Spell Deflection/TurningÖ) and "Anti-Protection from Magic" (Spell Thrust, Pierce Magic Ö). Check this system very early in the game to decide which spell from which level your sorcerer should know. Check the "trigger","sequencer" and "contingency" spells as well.
I specialized my sorcerer in damaging and Divination spells because my other mages concentrated on hindering, summoning and anti-protection spells. Spell selection depends on the capabilities (and needs) of your whole party.
Do not forget the priest spells. They can save spell slots. As well as wands....

Well, I took care of all this stuff but that didnít protect from wrong decisions...

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Old 09-24-2001, 09:46 AM   #5
Dundee Slaytern
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Screw Limited Wish... use the scrolls instead, it is not worth wasting a spell slot on Limited Wish.

The final decision is yours, but here is what my party-oriented Sorcerer chose for his spell list.

Level One
  • Magic Missile
  • Protection from Petrification
  • Identify
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Blindness[/list]
    Level Two
    • Resist Fear
    • Mirror Image
    • Detect Invisibilty
    • Melf's Acid Arrow
    • Agannazar's Sorcher[/list]
      Level Three
      • Dispel Magic
      • Melf's Minute Meteors
      • Flame Arrow
      • Fireball
      • Remove Magic <---- ToB[/list]
        Level Four
        • Stoneskin
        • Minor Sequencer
        • Greater Malison
        • Emotion
        • Polymorph Other <---- ToB[/list]
          Level Five
          • Animate Dead
          • Breach
          • Lower Resistance
          • Spell Immunity
          • Feeblemind <---- ToB[/list]
            Level Six
            • Contingency
            • Death Spell
            • Mislead
            • Protection from Magical Energy <---- ToB
            • Chain Lightning <---- ToB[/list]
              Level Seven
              • Spell Sequencer
              • Khelben's Warding Whip
              • Finger of Death
              • Ruby Ray of Reversal <---- ToB
              • Mordenkainen's Sword <---- ToB[/list]
                Level Eight
                • Spell Trigger
                • Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
                • Simulacrum <---- ToB
                • Pierce Shield <----ToB[/list]
                  Level Nine <---- ToB
                  • Chain Contingency
                  • Spell Strike
                  • Time Stop
                  • Anything else. [/list]

                    One thing I love about Sorcerer is the ability to summon Planetar, after Planetar. Not to mention he/she has pure brute power.

                    Stats wise...

                    STR: 12, you want to be able to at least carry your scroll cases... ...
                    DEX: MAX
                    INT: 18, I want to feel my Sorc is an intelligent guy... ... lower as necessary.
                    CON: 17, you will need to sacrifice a point later, take from here.
                    WIS: 12, Try not to go any lower, your saving throws will suffer.
                    CHA: Anything.

                    If not a Sorcerer casting total oblivion, then a Paladin meting out justice. Otherwise, I think I will just be a bard and torture my enemies with, "My Heart Will Go On".

                    Platinium Sorcerer of ALSB, Aerie Loving Sacred Band! She's MeowRrrr, and more!

                    Baldur's Gate Item Mart

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Old 09-24-2001, 04:21 PM   #6

Posts: n/a
Pure for rollplaying i have these stats

STR 12
DEX 19 (elf)
INT 18
WIS 16


I'm Watching you...


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