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Spirits forever

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ok..this is the base story for my comic book so read on!

i don't know where to post this so i'll post it here and it the great escape studios

and so it begins [img]smile.gif[/img]

"At midnight it is said that people often turn into werewolves or when spirits and ghosts attack. That is true, although ordinary people do not realize this at all." Whispered Nadir as he looked at his village engulfed in fire, his fire, his own. He had brutally killed his own sister, his friends, his neighbours, he had killed all that he loved, icluding his family. With a drop of tear in his eye "I'm sorry" he whispered to all the people he had slain that fateful day. After slaughtering the whole village he had burned the village to rid of all the ditritus. Before leaving the site where the village once stood, he simply took his blade and with a swift motion wounded himself partly as a punisment for what he had done, although it was not in his control. As the flame started to estinguish he offered some food and drinks as a peaceful offering to those he killed. After about two hours of painful thought the dark one silently went off drifting through the forest to places unknown. Every step he took showed him a different flashback of what he had done, ever step feared, every step full of pain, nadir could not take it. He felt as though he had killed his soul along with the village, Empty as the sky that night, he too was soulless. Suddenly tears started to flow through his eyes as though he had no control, which he did not. He had done irreversable things that night and his mind would not let him forget it.. He leaned against a tree, as though he had suddenly lost all of his strength, "stupid day, don't enen have enough strenght to stand" saying this he fell completly on the ground as though he were a rock. As he dazed into the depths of the soulless sky above he slowly drifted into his own thoughts, unconcious ans soon fast asleep. Hours later he woke up, he had now realized that he had noone left and no where to go. He had once again wanted to be among the ones he loved, the ones he killed... He had never experienced true loneliness before and now realized that it caused him to regret his lone existance. Now he started his journey to the closest town, which was Grolen. He had been there as a child, but that was a few years ago and by experience he knew that much could change in that much time.

After three long days he finnaly found his way to Grolen, the town of merchants. One was told to keep his hands near his pouches for it was otherwise guarrenteed to be stolen. As he entered the bazzar he showed himself to the nearest inn, where he was greeted by the inn waitress who let him have a room, for a price of course. After resting Nadir had another one of his flashbacks as he walked out of the inn, he once again had the frequent shocks. He wanted to learn more of what was happening to him, why he could not control himself at times. HE had so many questions about himself, but thinking about one led to four new ones. Walking in total confusion around the bazaar he found himself infront of a library. "A library in the middle of a bazaar" he said to himself. There he stood apreciating the fine arts put into making the design on the roof of the building, after a while he decided to enter the building. HE slowly entered the large building, quietly he opened the door. To his surprise the door led him to a huge room with a small lighting. Even though the room was large there were only about 5 people within. Not thinking about the small facts Nadir led himself to the section labeled "Mythologies". "Mythologies, what a joke!" he said to himself , but to his surprise he got a response " What's a joke!" said a soft but serene voice, he did not know who this person was, and why they would comment on something so small. At first sight he could not even see the girl's face but as she walked forward he say a girl with beautiful brown hair, that was waist long, she was taller than him, but just by an inch or so. She looked at him with her gleaming green eyes and said " I'm the librarian and the owner of this library, what is it that you are looking for?" It was a familiar voice, a truly familiar voice to Nadir " elizabeth...elizabeth stratton! it's me Nadir," he said exitedly . Memories ran rapidly through his mind, and no t sad ones, great ones, ones that one would really enjoy. These were a great change from the recent memories, and he was glad it were so. After a few momments of thinking Elizabeth suddenly replied " Naddie!!! it's you, Why are you here, you hate books, i never once thought of seeing you here especially at the mythologies section!!, How is lillian, how is uncle?!" she said with utmost exitement. While she waited for NAdir to respond, it started to rain. Nadir turned towards the window, and while looking at the sky " they are all...dead" He whispered. Elizabeth was shocked, she was now leaning on the stack of books, "How, why, --dead? i was supposed to go back there next week..visit them.." she whimpered. Tears started flowing, both eyes wet, yet she was not crying, she was confused as she had just recieved a letter from lillian and her uncle. She could not cry, it was too sad a momment to cry, Nadir knew that. Standing by the window looking at the rains of sorrow, coldly he whispered " i killed them....or at least my body did."

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