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Old 01-31-2002, 03:51 PM   #1
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: November 2, 2001
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Posts: 30
I figure I would give an update to my party for those who wish to read it. I personally love to read about the adventures of others, so I figure some out there might like to read mine:

RFS-81 Monk - Level 14
Dracon Samurai - Level 15
Human Ninja - Level 15
Elf Ranger - Level 15
Mook Bard - Level 15 (++?)
Elf Bishop - Level 14
Fairy Alchemist - Level 15 (+)

This party was a fun start, I had purchased the game while on vacation after the 1st of the year and started a party (horrible)while at my in-laws. I restarted with this party after returning home and installing on my own computer. The ranger was originally a Monk, up until level 5 when I realized I really wanted a ranger and the ninja/monk were doing the same things.

Monastary went well, except for the fact that at level 2 I got lucky and stunned the king crab and made short work of him. I then took the metal bridge up and realized that you can't get back down (the upper button is broke). So here I am, all of just level 2 and nothing to kill there to gain exp except for the stuff past the main room. Unfortunately, the second I step past that room I have this HUGE ass cricket on my butt trying to chew my head off. I spent about 1 hour or more and 10+ reloads trying to kill Mr. Gregor at level 2. Obviously I had no resurrect powders at this point and could not kill him without loosing one or more members. Finally got lucky once again and as I tried to lure him to "just" around the corner of his room, he got stuck sort of. He would not move, nor attack, yet I could wail on him all day. I know, I guess that's a cheat, but I saw no other way to get around it, as I had no previous saves to go back to before getting stuck up there. And for some lame reason you can't just jump into the water below (near the metal bridge) without taking 20+ damage from a 10 foot fall into water. I exited the Monastary at level 4 (holding some back, see I do read these boards) so the Monastary/Arnika road would not be too difficult.

Arnika/Trynton - Picked up Myles and promptly got him killed when you get jumped by like 7 troopers and 9 bandits. Found the secret of fighting in doorways at all times. This lead to my team being highly reliant on ranged weapons as I would not come out of doorways until only 1 or 2 remained. Leveled up to about 7/8 before heading to Trynton. It was uneventfull, both the trip there and the actual tree. Sold off my oak staves by accident, can't find one now. Nothing special happened to make an entry here.

Northern Wilderness/Mountain Wilderness - Decided to forgo the swamp at this time to explore a bit. Thought I might be outclassed in these areas but did suprisingly well. Passed on entering the Umpani camp and headed instead to see Bela at around level 8/9 (man do I need to go see him now that I have cash). Fought a few things on the mountain trails, but didn't decend down all the way to the grassy areas (got scared). So I went back to NW and killed the Hogar in Heat and got some decent items, then decided to finally hit the swamp.

Swamp - Entered around level 9/10, didn't find it too tough really if you took your time and made sure you didn't get caught out in the open. Samurai up to this point was my main guy, using bloodlust and kicking ass. Ranger really started to come into his own. Because I was so reliant on Bow/slings for all characters earlier in game, he was well trained and was getting crits with bow ALOT. Up to this point, my Samurai has only one crit and my ninja was the group leader with maybe 6 total. My ranger has far exceeded this by the time they were level 12. Really have motivation to kill that annoying Crock fellow, but held off...because I have found he sells some outstanding books for my Bishop who to this point was severely lacking in spells. Bought about 10 books for my bishop the first time I spoke to Crock. Decided to head to T'rang city and see what's up.

Marten's Bluff - Picked up RFS-81, albeit after I had killed like 8 groups of those damn wasps and a group of Picus that got in the way. Made my way to Z'ant and did a first quest for him. Found the teleporter and set my portal there from my Alchemist. Got myself into a pickle wandering around Upper Marten's Bluff when I wandered to close to some Mauligators. Sucks being surrounded by 8 of them, but perseverance and 2 golems later I was victorious. No spell points left and low on HP for most characters. That was my toughest battle yet of the game, but probably due to me being surrounded. Spoke with Z'ant again and did a couple more of the quests. Characters are rounding out nicely now, although I'm getting more and more dismayed with my Samurai.

Mt. Gigas - decided to play both sides of the field and teleported from T'rang HQ to Umpani base camp. Did the mandatory quests to get on their good side, wanted to smack Balbrak for calling me pups even though I outlevel him by 5 levels. Ran into my first dyslexic bats in the upper part and shocked the crap out my self trying to repair the terminal. Decided that my Ranger is my MVP of my group at the moment, as he has insta-killed and turned the tide of so many battles now it isn't even funny. My Ninja is all worked up cause his Critial Skill is over 100 yet he hardly ever gets a crit. RFS-81 rubs his nose in it by exclaiming "RFS-81 operating at peak performance" everytime he gets one, and is one level behind Mr. Pissyninja too. Didn't want to do the "nessie" route at this time, so I decided to head through the swamp to Bayjin last night.

Bayjin Entrance - fought the 7 guys guarding the entrance to Bayjin outside in the swamp as a measuring stick of how well my party might be coming along. Even though my Samurai has Snakespeed now (still low level of course) he still goes 3rd, sometimes 4th in my group. Ranger, RFS-81, Ninja all usually go before him. I'm not really understanding that, as none of those characters have snakespeed yet but their initative is higher by like 3 or so. Anyway, the battle goes about as planned. Bishop tries to cast soul shield and alchemist casts elemental sheild, but of course they go last, even though their speed is upper 80's lower 90's. I take a ass whooping the first two rounds as I try and get those off..then make my way to up close and personal range. Pop off a golem and watch him "defend" instead of attack. Almost killed the golem myself for that little trick he pulled.

Bayjin proper - Made my way around the beach. Found out I hate Rock Crabs as my characters do about 5 damage a hit only, even with Armormelt. First thought of changing my Samurai into a fighter crosses my mind, as he is not living up my expectations. I have to hold back my bard now. Last time I leveled her she went up 2 almost 3 levels and is now currently 14, but is probably 16 or 17 if I actually hit the little white cross. She's about 1.5 million exp over her current level but I don't want her being that high without the others at least one level of hers. Alchemist has no trouble keeping up, nor do the Ranger or Samurai (all one level back of her I'm sure), but the Ninja and Bishop I think would be 2 levels behind. I'm almost scared to hit the cross on her now, as she may explode. She at about her usefullness anyway as a bard, her level will be 17 or close to 18 and she's got 90+ music. Maybe switch to fighter on her last level up, and keep working with my Samurai instead of changing him. Found the huts, found out cerebral hemmorage works quite well on my Samurai. Had to scrape his brains off the rest of the party's armor after jumping into the Rayjin Chieftan fight. That was a fun battle, summoned up 3 elementals to take the heat and they did rather well with keeping others occupied whist I beat the snot out of the chieftan. chieftan was perplexed...he didnt' know what to do after I cast Eye for an eye on my dudes and gave them all Razorcloak. He didn't want to cast nor hit me, so he turned to hitting the elementals instead. Of course I put these spells up after he blew my Samurai's brains out of his head. After rescuing Glumph from his prison, I nearly killed him for speaking to me condecendingly. I set a portal with my bishop after finally finding a book of return in one of the huts, she needed that one. Decided I will switch my Bard to Fighter after she levels these last few times, as I found Mantis Gloves and Ebon Huume also..real nice for Fighters. Portaled back to T'rang city, hit their portal to NW to return Glumph (good ridance, and no, he did NOT like being in T'rang city with me [img]smile.gif[/img] )

Umpani/Gigas - After returning Glumph I decided to take their portal to Monastary/Arnika road and go get the coordinates for Z'ant. Got into my most fun and lopsided fight I had yet been in. As I was wandering down the road near the "T" I was avoiding one group of monsters on my right and found myself running into another group on my left. To my suprise they ALL joined in, I had: 3 sorceresses, 5 Higardi Hiwaymen, 5 Savant Berzerkers, 6 Savant Orbs. The 3 sorceresses were far off and all 3 summoned elementals, so add those in as well. I was about 8 feet from a wall to put my back on, so first round I had my bishop Soul shield, alchemist summon and elemental and ninja use a canned elemental. I moved my 8 feet and luckily all characters except for RFS-81 got to go and get their spells off. Next round my Bishop silence the 3 sorceresses and the round after summoned her own elemental. I placed them so the elementals all surrounded me and not a one of the monsters got a shot in on me, except for the 3 fireballs (which did next to nothing) before I got them silenced. Alchemist is a master at stacking his spells like Acid Bomb, Toxic Cloud, Noxious Fumes while Bishop was casting Psonic Fire, Whipping Rocks, etc. Couple well placed Quicksands and they were no more. FUN battle.

Arnika - Finally made my Z armor for my fairy alchemist as I got venom crab shells in Bayjin. Got the coordinates, said my goodbyes and portaled back to Z'ant to get my last quest from him as well. Then took their portal back to Umpani to turn over the traitor. One word of warning...don't press the little red button behind the commissary desk (reload there).

And that is where I'm at so far in the game. RFS-81 is a kick ass monk, my Samurai is a disappointment..guess I'll have to work on his setup, like maybe go to one sword and shield instead of dual wielding, or work his magic from now on. Ninja is another disappointment, ranged attack is low damage and isn't doing the crits I would expect and hand to hand damage is far below what RFS can do. Ranger is still kick ass, but doesn't see as many crits as before for some reason, even though his skill is obviously getting much higher now. Bard, like I said, will most likely move to Fighter after I finally press her white cross and she levels 3 or 4 times. Bishop is now finally becoming my greatest caster, although because she is the only one with multiple good spells, I usually spend all my time with her buffing or debuffing. Alchemist is nice, good damage, good heal, good potion mixing (500,000+ cash and counting). I forgot I made a little trip to Rapax Rift just for kicks while at the T'rang portal once..killed a few then decided to turn back till later. That is next on my list.. go visit Bela again, then onto Rapax Rift.

Sorry this turned out to be a full book on my adventures. Those who actually read it all the way, I hope you liked.

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Old 01-31-2002, 05:48 PM   #2
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: January 9, 2002
Location: Portland, OR
Posts: 17
Great post!

Some suggestions for your samurai - When you say you may start working on his magic, I assume that means you haven't done much with his magic yet. You're really missing out if this is true!

IMO, the ideal use of a samurai is to equip him with Bloodlust and an enchanted wakisashi (you did head down the mountain in the mountain wilderness long enough to take a peek behind that waterfall, didn't you? .

With Bloodlust, much of your complaints about his damage will go away, and when he gets a lightning strike, look out!

Obviously, with a cursed weapon you won't be able to use any bows. So when battles start, if you want him taking an action every turn (and let's face it, EVERYBODY should be doing something useful every turn, if only to practice skills), then that means magic. Even if it means useless level 1 fireballs or level 2 web spells.

My samurai was pretty pathetic at first, but I made it a point to ALWAYS cast a spell if he wasn't within range of his sword. Even if it was a terror spell against Savant minions. =) In the process of scouring the land for spellbooks to satisfy my Bishop's undying thirst for power , I picked up alot of extra books for my samurai along the way (I almost have a trade route established from Mt. Gigas to Arnika to Trynton to Crock to Marten's Bluff , and before long, without any real intention of doing so, my Samurai knew almost all spells up through spell level 4. He's 15th level now with a wizardry of 68, just became eligible to learn 5th level spells (for which I had 4 spellpicks saved up , and can cast Fireball and Freeze All with the best of them (ok, my Faerie Bishop might still have a leg up on him there .

In two more levels he'll have snakespeed, and shortly thereafter he'll have Reflexion, at which point I will finally get to his senses, strength, and intelligence (yes, I want him to be an effective spellcaster . I expect his raw damage and crit percentage to start picking up then...

Note that in my party, my bishop is my ONLY pure caster, so this strategy may be a little redundant for you with an alchemist in your party. I know that for me, having another person to cast spells in the first couple rounds is very nice. But look at it this way. For me, oftentimes when I let loose everything I've got, by the time my bishop, bard, gadgeteer, valkyrie, and samurai all take their turn in the first round, monsters are often asleep, unconscious, webbed, paralyzed, AND insane. =) With an alchemist you can make them nauseous too. 8^)

Have fun the rest of the way! (you're right where I was at with my first party before I decided to start over with my current group, who is almost to that point's hoping the rest of the game is as fun as this has been!).
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Old 01-31-2002, 05:55 PM   #3
Drow Warrior

Join Date: November 28, 2001
Location: Madison, CT
Posts: 292
Nice Post.

I am not sure why your samurai is under performing. My party is a Samuria, Ninja, Ranger, Bishop, Gagdeteer, Psionic, and RFS-81. I am not terribly happy with my ninja for the same reasons as you are with yours. However my Samurai is my MVP. He does the most damage of anybody and gets some critical hits. I am using Fang and an Enchanted Wakizashi. I have 100 Str and Spd and have started to work on Senses and Dex. I would be interested to find out how you developed your Samurai and what weapons he is using. It seems quite a few people do not like the Samuria and I cannot understand why.
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Old 02-01-2002, 09:06 AM   #4

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How about some stats on your Samurai? Hard to make a diagnosis when you haven't seen the patient... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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