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The post from xenotoca is absolutely right. Marketing in the UK determines the success of a product. I'm lucky to have a shop close to where I work that has a pretty good games section (WH Smith at Holborn Circus, London). But things like BG2 and the latest shoot-em-up dominate the shelves, a single W&W was tucked away in a corner. If I wasn't already a CRPG fan I wouldn't have given it a second look. But I am and I did. The rest is history.
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The same here in Germany ! I've found 1 copy of WW after searching for several days. The shelves in the softwarestores are cramped with BGII, DiabloII ect. If a game is not in the top ten it's always hard to find/buy it. But why is WW not in the top ten ?? Yeah it hasn't
been sold as much as BGII. And why ? Here in germany i haven't seen a single ad for WW but lots of ads for BGII ect. Activision can you hear me !!!! Shame on you !
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Reviews are a peculiar thing. I generally don't pay them great notice unless I happen to be familiar with the reviewer. A friend of mine used to write for Computer Gaming World and runs an online magazine now. She panned W&W badly. I had already purchased the game, was already playing the game and enjoying it so her review was just an interesting side bit to me. It did get me thinking though about the mindset reviewers bring to a game. Sometimes I feel like reviews are just long paid advertisements for particular products. Other times I feel like the reviewer is more concerned with showing how decerning they are, how good they are by tearing up a product. Are either of these approaches really useful to the buying public?
For me the proof that W&W is a good game is on this board. Inspite of all the bugs and gripes we players have about the game we're still playing, we're still having fun and we're still posting!
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