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Old 12-05-2000, 05:38 PM   #1
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I'd like to formally accept my nomination to the "biggest geek club" in that i have just recently completed Icewind Dale with one solitary character; no cheating what-so-ever!!

But, one character Leafy? how can it be done?!

Well, it appears that the Ranger's "dual weapon proficency" is translated to an extra attack per round. As a first level character, a Cleric Ranger gets 3 attacks per round if specialized with his weapon (maces and hammers are best!) and not using a shield.
Cleric/Ranger get the most access to priest spells of any clerical class
Although you CAN dual class a human ranger into a cleric and get a 9/14 ranger/cleric, I think a good old fashioned Multi-Classed Half-Elf works the best.

Sure, it took some time in Dragon's eye to loot the whole place, but that's why they give you two empty treasure chests right at the entrance. There's a similar "vase of holding" in the Severd hand, near the stairs on the first floor.

Towards the end of the game i'd managed to find the Mace of action +4 (+4, 15% stun, 1 x-tra attack), brining the attacks to 4 per round (game limit??)

I also experienced the "paused for movie" bug at teleport back to easthaven bug. Solved this buy importing a 2nd character for the fight with the evil priest. (she was sanctuaried in the corner; and removed her after the game loaded ok)

Interesting bug: Ever kill Everard before he gets a chance to sacrifice himself to the portal? if so, you might find your #1 character sacrificed at the end in an unceremonious death. However, with one character in the game, the portal never actually "opens" and when Ererard "closes" it, all you see is him casting a spell on the stone then disappearing. If you win after having killed Everard this time, you won't be sacrificed to the portal after all. (weird, eh?)


your ranger should hate the Undead because there are tons! Skeletal Undead seem most prevalant. However, cadaverous undead can be a real hassle too. (does anyone know what race the Belhimet is?)

The "Sanctuary" spell becomes a solitary cleric's best friend quickly and remains an invaluable spell right up to the end. Use this spell to scout out new areas and to C.Y.O.A. when you start losing ground in battle (invisibility purge while sanctified will solve a lot of problems with sneaky monsters)

fighter and ranger/clerics can "call upon holy might"- n'uff said

I've met with a lot of opposition with my quest to complete Icewind with one character. They said it couldn't be done! But it can. If you don;t want to be a TOTAL geek like me, you might like playing with 3 or 4 characters. 6 is just too much.
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