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Old 03-30-2011, 05:07 AM   #1
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Default Need your advice about weapon proficiencies & party suggestions!

Hi All.

I like to replay IWD. Last time I played it, it was 10 years ago, lol.

I'm thinking about a party like this,

HUMAN PALADIN longsword, bastard sword, bow
DWARF FIGHTER axe, crossbow
HUMAN MAGE sling, staff
HUMAN CLERIC mace, flail, sling
ELVEN FIGHTER 2-h sword, bow

for 6th slot,

Do you think I should pick GNOME ILLUSIONIST/THIEF (probably will name it Jan, lol) or ELVEN FIGHTER/THIEF?

About weapon proficiencies,

Should I specialize in bastard swords? Which weapons my party should specialize in? I asked it because i may find a cool 2-h sword for my paladin but he may be proficient in longsword, lol.

Will play HoW & IWD (not IWD 2), paladin-only swords are 2-h or long sword?

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Old 05-19-2011, 01:59 PM   #2

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Winking Re: Need your advice about weapon proficiencies & party suggestions!

If playing on easier settings, then just about any proficiency will work -- meaning play how you like.

For number 6 - you'll probably want a druid for more healing and summoning power.

If playing on hard levels, then it is a whole different story...

My current party in mind goes like this (- major role):
Human Paladin - tank
Dwarf Fighter/Cleric - buffer/healer
Half-Elf Fighter/Druid - summoner/shape change
Elf Ranger - ranged
Half-Elf Bard - songs
Gnome Illusionist/Thief - traps/summoner

Sometimes I use another tank in place of Ranger, but then I'd have nobody using the cool bows you come across! You can just add a Fighter for ranged, but I prefer the Ranger since they can provide additional summoning power later in the game. Summoning is the key to surviving in Heart of Fury (HoF) mode. You could even ditch the Ranger above and replace with another Fighter/Druid for maximum summoning potential. If you attempt to use them outside of the rolls above in HoF mode, then you'll get creamed.

One cheese trick if you have a couple of Druids is to go invisible and Static Charge the monsters to death...but I'll stop here.
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Old 07-12-2011, 03:35 PM   #3
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Ironworks Forum Re: Need your advice about weapon proficiencies & party suggestions!

For IWD/HoF/TotLM I strongly recommend a bard. No, they aren't great fighters or spellcasters but the correct combination of spells can be uniquely interesting. Besides, once they hit 11th level you never have to worry about healing hurt party members again--War Chant of Sith cures even the toughest fighters in only a few minutes.

For bards in IWD2, the Lingering Song feat at first level is a must.
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