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Old 09-30-2000, 11:13 PM   #1

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OMG, Is it me or is there no reroll function?! The only way I could figure out how to generate another set of scores was to back out of the process completely and start again! This is worse then Wiz7 even.
It sucks that I had to go into my sav file and edit some junky characters to get decent stats. I prefer not to "Cheat" but having scores that go like 10,8,7,10,4,5,5,5 just don't cut it!
Is there some kind of hidden reroll that I am just Missing completely or what?
Otherwise I like the game, although playing with all 18s is abit too easy, I would prefer to reroll something more fair, but it is so damn hard!
Old 10-01-2000, 12:01 AM   #2

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It's you.

Seriously. I posted earlier ('What's your party?') that it seemed too easy to get a set of attributes that could enable you to become an elite character class by level 2/3. What, precisely, is wrong with the values you were rolling?

Generally, it seems to me that if you put some thought in ahead of time about what direction you want the character to go in, you can choose a clan/sex such that the values you end up with will always be good enough to play with. I'm literally using the first six characters I rolled up.

Being someone who overdid the min/max thing in Wiz 6&7, I really appreciated the system in W&W. I was expecting to have to reroll like mad. What a pleasant surprise.

What exactly do you mean by saying the game's 'too hard' short of cheating? My characters are all less than level 4, and I'm still exploring the first crypt, but I haven't had any trouble killing anything. That includes the Rogue Leader I found in the forest by the first town and the Crypt Lord/Spirit of Warrior/Spirit of Wizard I've found in the Crypts.

I've already got a Barbarian and a Warlock and I'll shortly have a Paladin and a Monk. The others will be coming later (a Samuari and a Ninja) not because of stats, but because I haven't yet found the proper Guilds. (That and $$$ -- jeez, the Guilds are expensive...)

So, unless I'm mistaken, I don't see anything that would force me to cheat. Is there something seriously evil coming up shortly that I haven't seen yet?

-- d
Old 10-01-2000, 12:11 AM   #3

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No I didn't mean the game was too hard... I meant that Rolling up another character is too hard!
Sure you might be happy with nothing higher then a 16, and the rest averaging 4-8, but even the book says that 10 is average... I would like to have a couple of high scores in the "Primary" attributes.. I.E. Warrior has high str and fort, perhaps Speed/Agility.
But without a reroll function thats nigh impossible. Damn it looks like ol D.W. Bradley didn't learn a damn thing from all the peoples complaints about wiz7.
Sure I could edit my characters to have reasonable scores... but there are about 146 values I need to change just to change the scores... and it gets a little confusing as to which scores are which! And the Races don't make that much a difference, I don't know how you were doing, but I was getting 3-4 bonus points, and the rest of the scores were under 10. Maybe one 11 or 12 out of the whole bunch
Old 10-01-2000, 12:43 AM   #4

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I agree that rerolling could be easier but it truly is not that big a deal. I mean, speaking as a semi min/maxer I am all for trying to get the highest roll possible. In this game however, its not as important. The reason is that you get extra points constantly throw at your ability scores, almost every level up you will be able to up your Will or Agility or Presence or whatever.

So don't get bogged down in the roll process - just pick some mortal scores and go adventuring

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