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Old 11-25-2000, 02:03 AM   #1

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k, this may be a stupid question, but who is doing the killing? is it the tanner?? how do i complete the quest? the most i can get done or have done up to now is talk to the boy who blames it on that old bag cragmoon, and got rose to smell the berries n stuff. waht do i gotta do??
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Have spoken with everyone in the bridge distric, including the tanner?
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Old 11-25-2000, 05:57 AM   #3
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Just a bit of old-fashioned police work, Sherlock. Talk to EVERYONE you can. The tanner's place is marked on your map. Suggest he would be a good person to speak to if you have begun to build a case from forensic evidence.
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Old 11-26-2000, 03:25 PM   #4

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Yeah ive talked to practically everyone, including the tanner, i asked him about it, he said to talk to the guards n crap, then when i go back later he's got goons there to 'protect' him now, i said i was gonna kill him just to see waht he said, but that didnt get me anywhere. lol
Old 11-26-2000, 03:42 PM   #5

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jus hit him he'll run off down the stairs and you can folow after dealing with the gaurds you dont suffer a rep loss or anything
Old 11-26-2000, 04:56 PM   #6
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Talk to the beggar and buy the elephant hide leather off him for 100 gold. Then talk to rose, get her to smell some stuff from the marketman nearby. Then enter the tanner shop and expose him by saying that you have found evidence. He will run downstairs and he will escape, leaving you to fight some rune assassins - before you go down the placed is well trapped so have a thief with you.
The quest will continue when you go to Trademeet and some guy called Tiris will talk more about him.

That's all I'm saying - anymore and I'l spoil it.
Old 11-27-2000, 03:03 AM   #7

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I'd just like to add that those Rune Assassins do about fifty to sixty damage with each backstab. That's very painful.
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talk to the women and the dealer man standing near the tavern.
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Originally posted by Armisael:
I'd just like to add that those Rune Assassins do about fifty to sixty damage with each backstab. That's very painful.

Amen.Spoiler Alert
Have your Mage cast Oracle when you come in, and they reappear.But you're right, they are VERY dangerous
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Old 11-18-2001, 01:59 PM   #10

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You can save the (spoiler) luitenant. Once you talk to Rose and Rampah, you can go down to the tanners and make Reiges run away. Then, return to the luitenant, and he lives!
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