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Old 10-22-2000, 12:01 AM   #1

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Before using the sticks, you must first change yourself back into normal form (from being Boogred). The place to do this is back in the opposite end of the dungeon (I cannot remember where exactly), but you have to have the "evil eye" that you acquired from the Queen (on a pedestal in her room). There will be a closed door and you place the eye in a socket on the wall that opens the door to the an idol room. Have each of your characters touch the idol and they will return to normal form. Then, you can go back to the worm hole room to place the sticks. Each hole you place a stick in opens a different block/s in the room that you can jump up on and place other sticks into other holes. Remember that there are two exits from this room once you get the blocks leads to the two headed cyclops and the lamp of Alibaba, the other exit leads back out to the Shire. The ring is only useful in getting the lady boogre to open up the Queen's room. After this, the ring is worthless. Hope this helps!
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Ok first off, I got Grunaxe's ring and gave it to Pris, Killed the Witch and grabbed the evil eye, killed all the plants and grabbed all 3 of the wooden sticks and found the room where you put the sticks in the holes in the wall to extend the stone plates, but i still can't jump on the lowest one. (I'm assuming this is caused to still being in boogre state)

Across all the torture rooms, i came across a statue called "Idol of Bongu" surrounded with a wall of fire. I get to as close as I can to touch it, but it keeps saying "Something is Needed" Is this the correct statue to turn back to human state?

Also, I Need help finding the the damn eye socket for the ring. I'm pretty sure I've been to every part of this cave (except for the rooms on top of the wooden sticks room) and still can't find this eye socket. If someone can pls explain to me in details where is this socket and let me know what i'm missing. I'm pretty sure I talked to Grunaxe(I think I killed him, If I did he attacked first) =( Will this affect anything or quest further down the road?

Tks to anyone that could help!!!

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