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Old 01-16-2001, 07:04 PM   #1

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Thought of starting up an archer. Was wondering what the best racial enemy kit is. I was thinking mind flayer... but then there might not be anyone to wield the long sword...

Also, as apparently the archer can dual class to thief--wouldn't an archer-thief (with 5 points in shortbow) be one of the most powerful classes in the game?
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As far as I known (and I have tested this) you can not dual a ranger to a thief. Cleric is the only choice on offer.

Because as an archer (unless you specialise in sling ) you can only get weapons that hit creatures who require +2 weapons to hit (Gesen Bow +3?) then the obvious choices of vampire and golem may not be that good, unless you want to compensate for the proficient only melee restriction with the racial bonus. Can an archer specialize in ranged weapons other than bow? - The sling of everard at 7/2 attacks a round would be a nasty surprise to many monsters. Mind Flayer is probably a pretty good choice. - Curdis
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Some people claim to be playing ranger-thieves. Perhaps they were created before the patch and the patch repaired this. Archers can become grand masters of any bow, but only specialize in slings. It would not be worthwhile to dual-class an archer to cleric in light of that deficiency, IMO.
Old 01-16-2001, 09:13 PM   #4
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Well, I'm one of the people that have a Ranger/Thief, but I have found out that not all the games have that option. I gave a copy of the game to my nephew and was trying to test the theory out. He also has a collector's edition, but he does not have the extra freebie bonus disk. This may be what enabled it on mine, I'm not sure. But he can not create a Ranger/Thief mix. Either that or I have a bug in mine that allowed me to be able to do it. I can see why they do not allow it after playing him though, because it is so AWESOME. It enables me to backstab for mult damage and cast druidical spells. I'll have to remember to take my bonus CD next time I go to visit him again, and I'll post the results on here.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I did not install any patches on my game or my nephew's.
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