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I would just like to know how to complete the Paladin Quests. I completed the first two, but I always get kicked out of the Order on the 3rd Quest. Can somebody help? Please!
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When protecting the "child" in the Docks District, you will first be approached by the Paladin you are relieving of duty. He'll talk to another member of your party and tell them he will only quit his post for the PC. DON'T talk to him again until you have your party set the way you like. I set Minsc and Valygar at the stairs to block any who might attempt to go upstairs. All my spellcasters were set in the middle of the room for maximum firepower coverage. Unfortunatly, once you speak to the Paladin you are reveiving, you will be stuck in whatever postion you're in until the first attack. Once you've accepted duty, you will be "treated" to conversation (if you could call it that) with your charge. She's a real bitch on wheels so be prepared. At the first attack, try to concentrate on any Assassins who make for the stairs. Kill them now because if they get upstairs they have a good chance of killing your charge (they're FAST little buggers.) Once dispatched, you will be visited by the child's Godfather. KEY POINT: you must Detect Evil on the Godfather. If you don't and you give over the girl, you'll return to the Radiant Heart to discover the Godfather was an Assassin in disguise and the girl is dead. If you Detect Evil, but still don't give up the girl, the Godfather fights you and turns out to be the real deal. Again you've failed. Only by Detecting Evil and then reliquishing the girl do you succeed. This is a test of your resolve as to who you are as a Paladin and do you trust your ability to distinguish Evil vs Good. Good things come to you for success: Excellent +2 Full Plate (Pride of the Legion) and a +2 Large Calimshite Shield, as well as a boatload of XP! Have fun!

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