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Old 11-09-2000, 02:02 PM   #1

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im stuck on the third chapter after i paid the guy the 20,000 i went to the shadow theifes and then i went to the dock to meet mook but this lady that i think is named kei keeps killing me shes got two vampires and says to me something like this "you traitor you will die for joining the shadow theifs" then kills me everywhere i go i get attacked and killed by her i got two spell casters i got the following characters
soulreaver (fighter)
minsc (ranger)
yoshimo (thief)
nalia (theif/mage) shes one of the spellcasters i use
aerie (mage/cleric) shes the other one
jaheria (fighter/druid)
all are at level 7 i think please send me feedback an how to kill this rechid whore
Old 11-09-2000, 02:10 PM   #2

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You are a really low level to be worrying about this quest. Do some sidequests to build experience and get better items, then go back to this quest.

Lord Ed
Old 11-09-2000, 03:45 PM   #3

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what i did was just send in my undead hunter so the vampires attacked him and the other came later

BTW your party sucks big times
you don't have enough magic
My party was
(BTW this was suppost to be a good party but that didn't really work (Btw this is my new mixed Party))

Christian - Undead Hunter - comes in very handy as he won't get level drained and stuff (send him in a battle with 5 vampire with a regeneratic weapons and he actually gained healt during the battle)
Gheaven - Ranger - used him as an bowman or a dual dragonslayer-katana+1 wielder
Iason - fighter/thief (dualclassed in thief) he had the gesen bow (eh wait that not possible yet) he had a short bow
Rikard -Sorcerer - guess what that me i just shot out magic missles (accually one after which i got a warning) and a sling
Edwin _ didn't do squad coz he couldn't do anyspells
Vicona she had the fail of ages

With this party she died very quickly
but you are to in levels right now
i hoped you saved before paying the thief
try to load that savegame and do some sidequest first

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