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Old 11-12-2000, 12:17 AM   #1
Lily the Ranger

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I have started over a few times and have refined my choices (although I am going to play again possibly soooo many choices). I was pleased to discover that my barbarian could evolve into something else, but my ultimate discovery was when my priest turned paladin accidently joined the warriors guild after belonging to the priest's guild. You can eventually make your way into all the guilds and it means all your character's can be collecting points for a "warrior's quest, magic user's quest, etc". *she rubs her hands together greedily* I created eight characters to use (I try to have it all) it is difficult because I have to remember who has what quest and items and experience points are more spread out. (more kids to feed) I choose a few humans (suited to just about any role and average carriers. Those oomphaz make great wizards - warlocks and boy can they carry but I opted out. My one problem was the pixie, gnome, ratling combo could not carry as much. Weight does slow you down when fighting. I love the Whiskah trait of seeing in the dark. Snargol, my barbarian Gourk, is always 'smelling' danger (just how does one smell a lake pirahhna coming closer). Ratlings are quick and lucky. You might check out RPGVET's thread on levelling up as there was some talk on generating points in there, I think. Look forward to your cries of help . . . just kidding!
Old 11-12-2000, 08:08 AM   #2

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i am just starting the game, and was hoping i could get some advice on character creation and ascension plans, so as to avoid any potential pitfalls down the road. If a few of you that have finished the game could tell me how you played out your characters, and which decisions you were happy with and those that you regretted, it would be greatly appreciated. I also have a couple of more specific questions. (1) is there any advantage to making a rouge, when you can ascend to barbarian so early and get your lockpick and trap disarm skills that way? (2) how many class changes per character does it usually take to get the bug where you cant scroll down to improve your skills on the level up screen? Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers you may have to offer
Old 11-12-2000, 11:57 AM   #3

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My party seems to be doing well although it is probably different than most peoples. I did not use a Rogue as I found that the early chests could be smashed open until I promoted a Warrior to Barbarian and learned Lock-Picking. I also di not start with a Priest as anyone can use healing potions. I must admit that I did use the Inn cheat(?) to give my party a little $$$ to buy some potions to take with me at the start. My party is as follows:
Warrior --> Barbarian --> Samurai
Warrior --> Barbarian --> Paladin
Warrior --> Barbarian --> Ninja
Wizard --> Warlock --> Paladin
Wizard --> Warlock --> Monk
Wizard --> Warlock --> ??? (undecided)
This party gives me plenty of up-close melee fighting power plus a lot of long range spell casting damage power. My Plaldins give me all the healing power I need. Good Luck!
Old 11-12-2000, 01:21 PM   #4

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I also have restarted the game twice. The first one because my party truly did bite. When I made my party, I didn't know this board existed, and put all of my bonus points in lame areas. They survived, but just barely. I then made 6 new characters, and I must say they are MUCH better. I also gave them all of my old parties items as well as gold.

I wrote this a little while back...

The route that I took was to choose what I wanted as the end result. Look at the requirements for the class you want to end up as. Now start creating a character, but here is where it can take a LONG time. Choose the race you want as well as the picture. Always choose fighter. I will explain. When you select the class look at how many bonus points you have. If you have less then 10, the character is now fodder. Select a trait at random and add all of your bonus points to it, and add all of your skill points to one skill. Choose a bogus name, and now you have 200 bucks waiting for you. Let's say the character has 10+ bonus points (my record is 13). If you do not want to have a fighter, hit the back button and select the class you want. Look at the requirements needed for the class you want, and add your points accordingly. When he/she is finished, add it to the party, and add all of your fodder characters as well. Pool your gold with the character you want to keep, and now you have 1000 gold. It took me around an hour to create a really great party. I also walked out of the Inn with 30k. The new party consisted of-

Human--&gtriest-->Assassin when I get to it

The second time I restarted was because of those $^&*(@# Amazoni Mantraps. Those jerks had me literally trapped in the town. I stepped outside, and they were their to greet me. They also promptly handed my buttocks to me. After all of that, I am an extremely happy camper now. Especially since you get to keep all of your items when you reset your quests.

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