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Old 11-19-2001, 07:38 AM   #1
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Here's my idea of a baldurs gate3: it's set 20 years after you become a god in bg2tob.people still talk of the days the earth ran red with the bhaalspawn & how one rose up and became the new god of murder.You play a 20 something year old that was saved by the new god of murder while he was roaming Faurun in search of his godhood.since that day you became fascinated by him and idalised him. But something went wrong Cyric has done something to the new god of murder. And it's your quest to find out what happend because without the god of murder to sway the balance chaos has broken loose and is waging war alongside Cyric on all of the planes. It's up to you to find the companions of old that traveled with the bhaalspawn and ask their help to find the God of murder. Through this you travel through all the planes exploring the planes and meeting characters that were in the other games. And so it goes on. Anyones welcome to add ideas up to this to see if we can make our own story of BG3
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That'd be fine. I'd buy it. But in my (limited) experience, almost everybody opts to be a mortal and to live with their sweetiepie.I settled down to have li'l oreos with Viconia.
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