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Default My Dragon Age 2 Impressions.

Greetings Ironworkers,

Wowzers, haven't been around for awhile. Seems very quiet in this part of 'town. I would have thought it'd be thriving since the sequel hasn't been out for very long. Guess that's the sign of the times eh?

Anyway, I'm a little late to the party, but nontheless, have decided to post my impressions to the sequel to Dragon Age. (Cut and pasted from a similar thread on Rpgwatch)

Overall, I found this game as an experience akin to living off nothing but junk food for a few days: It's sugary, makes you rush, is full of quick-fixes whilst being unwholesome and ultimately hollow. I played it on normal as I don't think the ridiculous speed and pace of combat justifies playing it on hard - I doubt I would have enjoyed it if I'd done that, as I do prefer the original game's combat by a long way.

However I must say that I had a hoot of a time with some portions of the game (chapter 2's unravelling especially) and could only laugh right along with it as the thin linear plot degenerated and became more histrionic into chapter 3.
It was just so entertainingly bad. There's no doubt that there's fun to be had here though and I'd never begrudge anyone for enjoying it. (regardless of its flaws).

I played a mage (primal tree maxed out) and mostly used Varric, Merril and Aveline. I tried to roleplay naturally without manipulating friendships - leaning slightly towards the angry bastard type and so didn't go for any romances. Interestingly, I didn't meet Isabella at all and she seemingly disappeared from the game when I went looking for her in chapter 2, as I remembered her from the demo. Don't think I missed much!

The most difficult battle I had was probably with the rock wraith in chapter 1 - and like others have reported, it was definitely a difficulty spike compared to the rest of the game up to that point. I had to reload at least three times to get that fight right.

A question: Are you able to avoid that fight by doing exactly what it says after you're locked in the Deep Roads? Or is combat with it inevitable?

Second toughest fight would probably be the Vatteral. The dragons again, were just pathetic and don't compare in terms of majesty, presence or tactical depth to the encounters with Firkraag and most of the dragons from BG2.

I found it thoroughly disappointing that even though I'd chosen to side with the mages, I still had to fight Orisino. Indeed, one of my main criticisms of the game is the lack of consequences for the choices you make and the overall "Mass Effect" effect of the streamlined game design. There's just not enough player reactivity and the horribly cobbled together ending was a testament to that.

What's with Meredith looking like Susannah York from Superman? Not to mention other faces often resembling super-models or celebrities? I'm sure other players can pick out others too. I'm sure I saw a moustachioed Will Ferrell in the Hanged Man for instance…and Varric reminds me of what would happen if you took Christian Slater and squished him into a dwarfly mould.

Whereas Origins took me 60 hours and at least two weeks to complete with some fond memories - it's more diminutive speedily spun out sequel took just 25.
I can't see myself replaying it to be honest and I doubt the DLC will add enough to make it palatable for me. I'll still follow discussions on it with interest and hope Bioware listen to the feedback and improve DA3 should it be made.

Edit: No responses, but 63 views? It seems no-one wants to discuss anything these days hehe, I remember the same thing happening with my reflections on the first game.
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