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Old 02-02-2001, 01:28 AM   #1

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Ok... when I first played DS I must admit I didn't know your character can age.

Now my character JUST hit level 21 today (I am playing with my cousin over a LAN every day, version 1.05b), so I haven't seen any of those "Potions of Youth"

Well I didn't know I aged at first, so I left it on for hours at a time, died of hunger a few times but that didn't mind me.

I am level 21 and I have 57 years old, that can NOT be good...

Is there any way to edit my age back down to an acceptable level, or a way to get *more then a few* of those youth elixers? I thought of maybe using the character backup/restore utility to make a ton of those potions, but 1.05b deletes duped items.

Please help an old man out! Any proggies out there?
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Old 02-02-2001, 11:06 AM   #2
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Can't edit age - haven't seen any tools posted to do this. Two possibilities, but not until you can play expert (level 20) or master (level 35) games.

Aside from youth potions, in the upper level games, you may find (in the higher dungeon levels or for sale in town), an oject (weapon, armor, helmet, ring/amulet) that has been enchanted with eternal youth (you'll be 20 again, but still drink the youth potions because you still will age and when you take off the item, you'll be right back to your old age).

Since you're level 20 or better, you can start an 'expert' one-player game. In this game, periodically Elmeric will have potions of youth for sale (100,000 unless you have the trade skill). Assuming you have 500,000 laying around, do this.....

Quit the network game, start an expert level one-player game, and go see Elmeric. If he has youth potions for sale, buy one, wait a moment (Elmeric will re-stock this item, but not the strength, magic, vitality, or dexterity potions). Buy 5 of them. Drink them (each takes 5 years off your life - you are now 32). push escape and get to the menu. Select export to export your character (Darkstone saves character info in a separate file, but only after killing Draak. Until then, the saved game itself stores all the info. The export command forces Darkstone to save your character info off into the character file, with all current attributes and inventory). You can now re-join the network game and be 32 again.

If worse comes to worse, I may have a network save game (that you can download ~4MB) that is full of goodies, including youth potions. (Yes, there is a way to have multiple network save games I can send you that info as well if you want.

Good hunting,
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Old 02-04-2001, 06:22 PM   #3

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Well I dont know if this helps or not, but here goes nothing. I was playing the game one night, and my computer froze up. I shut it down and re-started Darkstone. I checked my characters to make sure everything was kosher, and low and behold, they were -545 years old. Well stupid me, drank a potion of youth, or something like that, and it raised my age to 20 Talk about bad luck. Dont know for sure how it happened, but hey I'm glad it did.
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Old 02-06-2001, 01:47 PM   #4

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Ahh, I did eventually find some youth potions in that youth quest. I was 59 by then

So that bumped me down to 44, my cousin was 54 then (he left his on too, DOH!).

So me and him powergamed our way through expert until the immortality quest, which is when he starts selling youth potions. We sold just about everything possible we could imagine, and now we're both at 20, with about 6 potions left over. (We couldn't afford all the youth potions for 100k so we made a new game and powergamed up to the immortaility quest.)

Thanks for the help.
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