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Basically, I was wondering something about Sebastion. Remember during the oiginal Darkstone game, when you place all of the crystals on the pedestals, then recieve the time orb? Which Machine in the Quest Editor allows you to do the recharge function that he does for the Time Orb?

Another question. I have the hardest time creating walls inside the houses. The houses I'm referring to, are the ones you custom create, that you have to completely surround in grass.

Finally, how do you use the "3dO maker", that the Quest Editor comes with? Is there a tutorial out there on how to use it?

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Well, here's what I've found in playing and creating quests. Hope all this info helps......

About sebastian. Have you ever noticed that the last levels (29-31) are the same? Yes, the layout of the dungeons on 29 and 30 change, but not much else, - and level 31 is always the same. The recharge function for sebastian (as well as the orb generation) are part of the 'always standard' 8th quest (generate the orb and go kill Draak). Since you cannot muck with this last quest, whatever is necessary for it to occur is automatically added to your game. Additionally, your quests cannot be distributed randomly amongst the lands like they do in the original game. If you notice, each original quest is wholly contained in 1/2 the land and in a single set of 4 dungeon levels. The quest editor permanently fixes your quest to a given set of dungeon levels and lands, allowing you to intertwine your puzzles between the lands and the dungeons (except for the last set 29-31, which will always be the same).

In the QE, I have not seen any way to create an object that may be used like a magic scroll (as the time orb is) - objects have to interact with other objects via state machines. I know of no way to directly control the 'right-click' behavior of an object other than the default 'display some text'). If there were a way to get a message from that right click, then you could implement a time-orb type quest.

Anyway, the recharge engine is not available as a single unit, but it can be emulated by a combination of several linked engines, a virtual object, and a couple of objects (the charged version and the 'bartender-jobu-needs-a-refill' version)- look at pnjClick (NPC sends a message when clicked on), Text1 (display text when it gets a message), Sound1 (play a sound when it gets a message - can be used for voices too), pnj2 (NPC gives object when it gets another object - both must be defined objects), and basicObject2 (generates an object in the mouse when it receives a message).

It's nice to hear someone else ready to send a PC swimming over creating walls inside houses with the QE. The QE is really finicky about this. I finally got mad and hightlighted the block I wanted to make into a particular block, and then selected 'choose block' (as opposed to 'pick block'). The menu that pops up gives you a complete range of blocks and stuff that you can place into a dwelling or room. Additionally, ehile in block draw mode, clicking the mouse on the same block when you have something like 'decorated wall' as your 'pick block' type will cycle the QE through the 'choose block's of that type. For instance, you could use this technique to build a room with only skeletons haging from the walls and , of course, a door of some sort.

The darkstone official webpage has a brief tutorial on makeo3d. Makeo3d allows you to place textures on a 3d wireframe object so that the game can display them. I would suggest using only the drawing products they recommend - they have import tools for the images (I've tried several others and newer versions, but without much luck). - make 03d tutorial.

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