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Old 02-13-2001, 02:15 AM   #1

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For the past 3 weeks or so, I've been playing around in the quest editor, and know just about how to do everything in it... "Just about"... I can't seem to do the whole custom sprite thing, correctly. I use paint brush, since I don't have a clue on how to use the Microsoft photodraw, and attempt to save the sprite bank, as the ".tga", which is was loaded by (make sense?). I can't seem to svae it right, and when I replace the old blank sprite bank, with one that I created some new sprites with, there's no sprite bank at all.. Either that, or the original blank sprite bank remains. Please help if you can.

**I've been in, and out of this site for a little while now, and it seems there's quite a few knowledgable people in here. This site is one of the better ones out there, for anyone who's not joined, and reading this now. I've just joined about 5 minutes ago.**
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My apologies in advance for not knowing what you've tried. I banged my head on this till I found some very obscure information.

1) Did you really study the pizza example? not only do you need a TGA file (24 bit color image in some multiple of 46x46 pixels), but also a mesh (you'll need a 3d drawing tool to create the mesh - a 3-d line drawing of your object - Most games use the triangle method for the mesh - triangles exist on only 1 plain, and any surface can be approximated to a collection of triangles - convenient for shading and ambient light calculations of ray trace and radiation light models). Meshes need to be stored in a particular directory (see the tutorial for the example).

NOTE: You'll not really see your created object correctly in the quest editor (you get the 2d version, oh well), only in the gen'ed game. Don't forget to run the utility makeo3d (I think that's the name - it's in chapter 5 of the quest editor tutorial). This takes your image (tga file) and the custom mesh and creates the displayed version of the object in the game.

NOTE: Please pay special attention to the transparency information. Objects that don't follow the model precisely can "disappear" in the game (they become so transparent that nothing can see them). Or conversely, they can be seen all the time - even through walls. (Fun to experiment with)

NOTE: Sprites seem to be linked to inventory blocks , so don't get them too big. Otherwise, you won't be able to pick them up in the game.

NOTE: When I played with the quest editor, I had to study the journey in Uma source files extensively (especially to figure out how teleport pads worked).

Hope this info helps. I used the Micrografx designer (photo editor and 3D draw tool to make objects).

Let me know if you need more info
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