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Old 12-03-2011, 01:17 AM   #11
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Default Re: Impressions of TES V?

I'm over 60 hours in and loving this game. MUCH better than Oblivion.

As for the dragons issue, I agreed with everything said above until yesterday - has anyone else fought an elder dragon yet? I did my best brave Sir Robin impression after that. Granted my character is a stealthy rogue type, not the best versus dragons, but it is definitely more difficult than the other types i had faced (blood dragons, I think a frost dragon).
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Old 12-05-2011, 05:07 PM   #12
Jorath Calar

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Default Re: Impressions of TES V?

I agree that the dragons are a wee bit on the easy side, I just finished the main quest and the Worldeater, Aldúín himself was way too easy... and gives no loot... boo!

I think I'll try it again, make a Magic user and this time play on hard...
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Old 12-07-2011, 07:30 AM   #13
Raistlin Majere

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Default Re: Impressions of TES V?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that scrolls require you to put the weapon away, as well as the thrashing of the head around and inability to aim after charging..I confess, I use scrolls only as an extra source of income. I had no problems aiming or what-not on my mage, though usually I did not have weapons up, as double charging makes spells more powerful...being a touch on the weak side already, the double damage is welcome. I must say, getting one hitted by sabre cats and various kinds of bears is a little frusturating...hence on to my next topic

Originally Posted by Sever View Post
@Raistlin - How's that "put your weapon away to cast" thing treating you as a mage? I ran out of healing potions at the end of a dungeon and was forced to use some of the scrolls i'd picked up to get through the boss fight. First time i'd had anything to do with magic and i gotta say i'm really not looking forward to playing as a mage (which is traditionally the character i do the major play through as). No weapon while casting means no defence and when your spell fails, no offense. Oblivion actually got something right and they go and change it in Skyrim! Not that that was the major problem in this little escapade though...

I couldn't aim left or right after the scroll had charged, so i couldn't hit the bugger i was aiming at anyway because by then he was 3 feet to the side and coming fast! Further to that, what's with the overly zealous head movements while charging a spell! The view goes all over the place in 1st person, meaning that even if the bugger was standing still, by the time i've finished charging, i'm no longer aiming at what i was originally aiming at! The only way i was able to hit the boss with any spell i actually wanted to hit him with was by getting him to chase me back to a long, narrow corridor so i could land a quick shot with a fear spell and then following him around until he dead ended and stood completely still for 5 seconds so i could fire off a charged, ranged spell at point blank just so it couldn't ■■■■■■■ miss! And all that only knocked just enough health off him to be able to barely finish the job in melee with the one health potion i had!

Perhaps it's something to do with scrolls being tied to skills which are still very low with this character, or perhaps it's general teething problems getting used to the magic system after jumping in at the deep end instead of at the very start of a new magic oriented character, but i can't help but think that they've stuffed this up completely.
Being the chronic re-starter that I am, I am now playing with a Nord fighter on Master difficulty, sword and shield style primarily, with sometimes going the two-handed way(risky stuff though on Master..have to get a henchman to tank while I swing with my 2-handed axe, otherwise I get my a$$ handed to me ).

Must say it is incredibly entertaining! I dare say the best melee character experience I have ever had in any game. Blocking works actually very well in Skyrim..I was fighting a quest boss character who was swinging a war hammer in a very deadly way, one proper hit that I didn't catch with my shield sending me flying the way giants do in the beginning. But with blocking, I only lose a tad bit of health and stamina, and then have to time my attacks accordingly to when the boss left an opening. Got like 6 blocking skills in the process, but found it to be good fun

Unfortunately spellcasters seem to be whooping me badly on Master..maybe now with the elemental blocking perk that will change
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