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Old 02-02-2009, 09:24 PM   #1
Variol (Farseer) Elmwood
Jack Burton

Join Date: May 16, 2003
Location: Dartmouth, NS Canada
Age: 57
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Default 9-11 FLIGHT PATHS

I thought this might be interesting for some:

This is awesome to watch - truly amazing. I often wonder why air traffic control did not scramble some fighter jets when they saw all of these planes veering off their flight plan at the same time; 9-11 FLIGHT PATHS.

I have never seen this before. Note that the two jets that hit the World Trade Center actually crossed paths enroute.

Click on the arrows in the right column to the left of each flight...The one that shows them all in action is most interesting. It reveals how well the plan had been developed, barring departure delays.

I wonder if the original plan was to have them all strike their targets at the same time?

And they did it all with U.S. aircraft, US flight schools, and a few box cutters
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Old 02-03-2009, 12:31 AM   #2
Zhentarim Guard

Join Date: June 29, 2005
Location: Michigan
Age: 33
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Default Re: 9-11 FLIGHT PATHS

They all seemed to randomly veered of their intended path, then gotten back on the intended path, then suddenly, head straight to their targets.

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- Milton Waddams
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Old 02-07-2009, 05:14 PM   #3
Jorath Calar

Join Date: October 6, 2001
Location: Iceland
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Default Re: 9-11 FLIGHT PATHS

/restrains the conspiracy theory nut in himself and just moves along...
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Old 02-07-2009, 11:25 PM   #4
Felix The Assassin
The Dreadnoks

Join Date: September 27, 2001
Location: Orlando, FL
Age: 59
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Default Re: 9-11 FLIGHT PATHS

Originally Posted by Variol (Farseer) Elmwood View Post
I often wonder why air traffic control did not scramble some fighter jets when they saw all of these planes veering off their flight plan at the same time;

If you don't read the whole article, at least read the final "Fact" on page 8.

This is a question many have asked, just as many answers have been given.

There are others out there as well, some are so quick to blame the Bush administration, while exaggerating their blasphemy, they forgot one small detail. They gave a time-line when intercept A/C launched, where they came from, and where they went. Luckily there was more than one problem with their disclaim to fame, the first of which came when they said the USAF finally launched intercept from Norfolk between 9:03 and 9:38, anybody that has ever floated a toy boat or built a model plane knows this: Norfolk is a Naval air station! Their final debacle came when they said intercept A/C can fly super-sonic and can be on site within minutes. I wonder if it ever crossed their mind that President Bush would signed a bill to allow intercept A/C to go 'super' POST 9-11.
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