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Old 07-03-2001, 02:11 AM   #1
John D Harris
Ninja Storm Shadow

Join Date: March 27, 2001
Location: Northport,Alabama, USA
Age: 57
Posts: 3,577
29 June 10:30 pm
I just got finished playing a game of Starcraft (ON MY BELOVED IMAC),I left Zerg carcasses littering the planet's surface. Head to bed, we have an event that we are selling t-shirts at in the morning so we have to be up early.
30 June 1:05 am
Wake up hungry go to the kitchen and make some cheese toast, head back to bed.
30 June 2:00 am
Still awake try playing "if I get to sleep now I'll get 41/2 hrs sleep game".
30 June 2:47 am
Tired of playing "if I get to sleep now game" give in and get up again. Nothing on T.V.
30 June 3:36+- am
Finialy fall asleep
30 June 6:30 am
Alarm goes off, ignore alarm as long as possible!
30 June 7:00 am
Ok I'm up, stumble into shower, just as youngest daughter starts her shower, in her bathroom. Run out of hot water before I even get to wash my hair. Finish cold shower.
30 June 7:15 am
I discover we're out of coffee, head down to the office for last minute items I forgot to load in the Pick-up. Great we have coffee at the office, get coffee.
30 June 7:48
Make coffee.
30 June 8:03 am
Leave for the event, wife and I are in the pick-up, youg ngest daughter and pond-scum are in wife's sunbird convertable (she got tired of having a "mommy car")
30 June 9:38 am
Discover speedometer on pick-up is 10 mph slow, we get stoped by an Alabama State Trooper. Trooper pulls Pond-scum over, not the old pick-up drivung in front. Get out explain to trooper that they are following me, and my speedometer was on 55mph, trooper says that he clocked us at 65mph, say "Yes, Sir" get off with warning.
30 June 9:51 am
Driving through small Alabama town, spot a pick-up in front of us with what appears to be a full grown Black lab (distance can be deceiving) in the bed of the truck. Driver of pick-up truck changes lanes without looking, say to wife "watch this wreck", car in other lane honks horn, pick-up swerves, dog is launched out of the pick-up bed, wife screams, I hit brakes, car in other lane passes under flying dog, dog lands in the middle of the intersection, gets up and starts to run after owners pick-up truck, pull over wife gets out to get the dog, I flash lights at the pick-up stopped at the next red light, wife can't get dog, I get out and pick up dog and put him in the cab of our pick-up,light turns green owner pulls away, lose sight of owner, wife inspects dog, minor case of road rash no serious injures, dog is 60lb puppy 6-8 months old head the size of small horse paws as big as my fists, can't find owner.
30 June 11:15 am
Arrive at event, dogs not allowed, explain what happened, event coordinator is nice he calls a friend and we make arrangments for the "puppy".
30 June 12:00 pm
Set up booth ready to sell shirts, get some lunch.
30 June 1:18 pm
Get some dog food and take it over to the "puppy", people watching "puppy" talk left ear off and are working the right one before I can get away.
30 June2:03 pm
Starts to storm, pack everthing in the pick-up, and tie down the tarp just as storm hits, sit in truck, and wonder if I should of invested in that Ark some guy was building, wind tears down several other venders booths.
30 June 4:45 pm
Storm over, reset-up booth, help other venders fix their mangled booths.
30 June 5:00 pm
Event starts sell 2 t-shirts, 1 in the first 30 minutes, second t-shirt is a mercy buy in the last 30 minutes of the event.
30 June 9:15 pm
Pack up, pick up "puppy", Head for home.
30 June 11:00 pm
Stop for some coffee, I'm driving on about 4 hours sleep and figure the "puppy" doesn't need another wreck.
1 July 12:05 am
Arrive home, introduce "puppy" to our four other dogs, "Buster" 10 lb Spitz jumps "puppy" to let him know who's boss. "Gracie" (wife dog) growls at "puppy if he gets with in 5 ft of wife, toher two dog are old ladies and they ignore "puppy".
1 July 12:23 am
Oldest daughter(18) comes home to see "puppy", then informs us that she has gotten her tounge prieced.
1 July 1:00+- am
Log-on to the board to tell this story, somewhere between starting the post and hittihg the submit button the board goes down, didn't copy to the clip board, mad enough to eat scrap iron and poop nails.
1 July 2:35 am
Still working on the caffene buzz from earlier, head to bed for another game of "if I get to sleep now"
1 July 9:00 am
Get up, missed church, listen to "puppy" bark at other dogs because they don't want to play, "Buster" comes down and jumps "puppy" then runs back upstairs, repeats many times during the day, check the board nope still down.
1 July 4:00 pm
manage to get a nap in (naps are highly underrated)
1 July 6:00 pm
Join the rest of the world, discover that youngest daugthter and pond-scum have broken up, for reasons that boggle my mind, play with "puppy".
1 July 11:30 pm
Finialy head to bed.
2 July 7:00 am
Get up and take "puppy" to work, can't let him stay at the house neither daughters can watch him.
2 July 9:00 am
Wife manages to track down the owner of the "puppy", it seems that the town is small enough for abotu everybody in the town to know him.
2 July 6:00 pm
Meet owner, Little old man in overalls, return the "puppy"


"the memories of a man in his old age,
are deeds of a man in his prime"
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