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Old 11-09-2000, 12:22 AM   #1
Lily the Ranger

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My party is not very high level. Had two healers and load of potions available. She could out do me in long distance spells so I had to get close. It was purely hack and heal for the most part. I cast bless, nimble, bloodlust, armored realm when I heard "something large coming to investigate" *pant, pant, panick, panick*. First time I tried offensive spells, scrolls, the only one left standing was Snargol the Barbarian Gourk. 85,000 * EX and a lot of bodies to tote. So I tried the above method four load later I accepted the battle in which only one of my characters was stoned (and being a drug free zone I guess) received no points what so ever. Poisoned (gee, no cure poison yet) I stumble around healing self til I found a "cure".
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How do you kill the naga. She makes my group look like a bunch of whimps that can do so little damage before she makes me poisoned, stoned, damaged, and paralized. I have tried many times and have levels ranging from 7 to 9 but can not do anything to her. Well not enough to kill her that is. Any good tctics out there???????????
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I didn't have a huge amount of trouble with her. I closed immediately and had my 2 wizards cast dragon breath over and over and had all by fighter types hack at her. I was successful the first time. I have to admit my whole party was poisoned, one was paralyzed and one was dead but I have enough cure poison potions for everyone and my priest has several resurrection scrolls so it worked out in the end.
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One people helped me in this matter. Don't stay in that round room, there is switch other side of that big round shaped thing in naga room. Pull that switch and run into tunnels. There you can cast spells and use ranged weapons.
It does took a while killing that naga, but it's worth for doing it.
Just cast spells strike and run strike and run...
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